Concerned about Leaving Family?

Is one of your biggest turmoils leaving your family to make a career in film? I can totally relate. I felt that way too. It can be the hardest thing you do… or depending on the situation, the easiest thing you do. Here’s how I felt about it. Maybe it can help you.

All the Film Jobs You can Do!

Love acting? Love filming? Editing? Special effects make-up? You might have an idea of what you want to do… but there are also a ton of jobs you’ve never considered! Great money, exciting life, and use skills you already have!

Connections can grow fast!

Professional Connections is the thing most actors and filmmakers don’t have! No connections, no career. It literally determines how far you get in the film industry… or how long you struggle on the outside. Come see how fast your connections can grow! P.S. If you want to grow your connections, I invite you to do our next FilmConnection training. Here is the link: You may know professionals, go get coffee, pick their brain… but if you’re not getting hired for professional work, it’s not enough. This is what people struggle with the most!

Should you work for FREE??

When you’re starting out, people are going to ask you to work for free A LOT. You could go YEARS only working for free, and have it not lead to paid work. Here’s what we think about working for free, whether you should be doing it or not.

Will this work in Nevada? Read this case study!

Before Friends in Film I was working at a desk job making decent money with benefits. But I was counting down the days to my pension like everyone else. The gray walls and desks were starting to get to me. The routine of every day clocking in and out with my badge was running me down slowly. Then I found Friends in Film. It was so great! I needed to hear that there was someone out there who believed that I could change my life! It was an awakening for me! I loved that Janet was there from the beginning, in the calls and in emails. I’ve been part of other online learning programs and the “live calls” are always recorded, the “live chats” are always with random people you’ve…

Getting JUDGEMENT from Friends & Fam?

What if your family or friends don’t support you going into film? They have their doubts. They think you want to be famous. They don’t understand. See how it all changes, very quickly when you do this…

What you don’t know about A-List

If you don’t know much about it, our A-List Mentorship program is our paid program to get people working on their dream jobs… What you’ve learned in FilmConnection is only tip-of-the-iceberg material. Now, it’s time to take a deeper dive and IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned! As you go on this journey, questions will come up. All sorts of things will happen on- and off-set. You are continuously meeting and making an impression on a bunch of professionals.  The A-List Mentorship program is what all the people you see on this page and this page have gone through. They’re now full-time in the film industry. And living the life they’ve been desiring for ages.

“What if I’m Trans?”

What if you’re trans? What if you look different? Will that affect your career in the film industry? The film industry is probably the most accepting, diverse, different, wacky, wonderful industry in the world. The film set is a place for ALL who have good energy and work hard. You will be AT HOME. :-)