How to get Consistent Work in Film

I just shot this brand new tutorial that show you how to get consistent work… even if you’re starting from scratch. I’ve laid it out in 3 steps. 1. You ALWAYS want to get connected to people on set through working alongside them. 2. You can get paid as you learn, and work with these people. 3. You NEVER want to ask people for help. You want to open these doors through wanting to learn. In this video, I walk you through what to do. Nothing to sign up for.

How to Tell a Scam

This is how you can tell a scam. If you’re not aware, you can get hurt big time.   It can set you back years! In this short video, I show you what they are … and more importantly …show you how to avoid them.

“Get-It” Factor Get You Work

What makes people want to hire you in the film industry? Sparkman explains how she used Friends in Film (FIF) to get opportunities that others are passed over. Watch it below!

Will this work for editors? Read this case study!

I officially left my 9-5 job in June and started working as an assistant editor in July (for 4 months) for a production company that does documentaries for PBS Frontline. I feel so free and confident that I’m not worried about the next gig because I know I have the skill and the right attitude to make it in this industry. I have a network of passionate people around me that love working with me. And that network is only going to get even bigger! At my old job I was a video editor for NBC Sports. Though I was getting a chance to edit it wasn’t the content that I wanted to be a part of. The people became negative, videos became so simple that I didn’t even need…

Look like the Job You Want to Do!

Did you know that even seemingly trivial details (like how you dress on set!) greatly impact your success in the film industry? Watch this short video NOW to learn why. It’ll only take you 2 minutes.

Get your money right

Money is a big deal, and us creative people don’t usually want to think about it. My first year, I gave away $10,000 I could have put in my pocket. I could have bought a nice car! That hurts. This is MAJOR. You should watch this video now. It’s 3 minutes long. Come see what I’m talking about. Janet :-)

Will this work for acting? Read this case study!!!

Before Friends in Film, I was working late nights at a cocktail bar as a waitress. I was pursuing acting, I had a reel, but I was non-union and did not have legit representation or a manager. Commercials paid decent money, but not union rates, and what I really wanted to do was TV and film acting. Even when you objectively make progress as an actor, it feels like you are in a standstill. Even though I was working so hard, I felt like a hamster on a wheel. And I didn’t like who I was becoming. Late nights at the cocktail bar made me sleep late, and then I felt like I didn’t have enough time in my day. Every waking moment was spent on my career, and I…

Does this work? Read this case study!

Before Friends in Film, I was going to school, working retail jobs and freelancing. I wanted to make it to LA. Since I started Friends in Film I’ve gained vital information about the entertainment industry and tons of knowledge gained from the one-on-one mentoring. From this, I’ve grown tremendously! I have grown to be more calm and patient. I know that it is possible to make it in the film industry! Thank you so much for everything Janet! Kendra J