Study Your Audience, Get Your Content In Front Of Them & Make Waves

We all know that the world’s attention is on short form content. Let’s use this to our advantage as artists.

Dream up the target person who’d love your content, music, videos, etc and ask yourself these important questions:

Where are they?

Where do they shop?

Where do they eat?

How do they consume content? YouTube? TikTok? Twitch? Instagram?

What kind of videos do they search for and end up watching?

Do they read Blogs? What kinds?

Make a TikTok video at their favorite restaurants. Record a song about the clothes they wear. Write a blog about what they do for fun.

Are you evolving and adapting alongside your audience? Follow your audience and tap into their world in every way possible. Social media networks are a game changer for the entertainment and media industries. We can learn more about our target audiences than ever before, easier than we could at any time previously.

Study the social media platforms and see what is being shared. You can offer your music to content creators royalty free as a networking tool! Right now, this could be a great in since entertainment companies are often trying to shut down any use of their content on social media.

Do the necessary work to build your audience because this industry runs on connections. Tap into the flow for great success. If you have quality content then it’s only a matter of time and consistency.

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Note: To find out what people watch on YouTube, open a private browsing window (this prevents the algorithm from using your own view history). Then go to a YouTube video watched by people in your target audience. Go into the recommended tab on the side. Sometimes these are simply trending on the platform overall, but most of them will be videos searched for and/or watched by the same people who watched the video you are on. You can keep navigating through videos this way to find out the kinds of content your target audience is into.

To choose that first video, think of something or someone similar to the kind of brand you want to develop and use their content and the recommended content to learn about what kinds of things their audience (and, by extension, YOUR audience) wants to see.

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