Success Stories of Friends in Film
mentorship students!


Patrick did everything to get people to notice his work. He applied to postings, emailed his resume, and called people. It was going too slow!

See what he did that landed him at Paramount studios and booking consistent film work!

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Patrick interview

FOR ACTORS: What if you’re an actor living paycheck to paycheck?

Ali used this program to get paid professional roles and makes $4,000/month in film doing it the FIF way. She even paid off $30,000 in debt!

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ali interview

WHAT IF YOU’RE 30-50 YEARS OLD, hate your chosen career, AND HAVE Major DEBT, LIKE $60K?:

What if you’ve spent most of your life doing a job you didn’t like, and now the film industry feels like such a long shot? Maybe you thought you could only break in as an actor…

There are so many jobs you can do!

What if you have major debt?! Like over $60K? See how Goran used film work to pay it off!

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Case Study Goran M

FOR FILMMAKERS: Can you really quit your job, get paid to travel all over the country as a DP, and make $65,000/year all from Friends in Film?

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Alicia Interview

FOR EVERYBODY: OMG, OMG, OMG – AJ was homeless when he found Friends in Film. Now he lives a life people dream about!

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Fly to LA? Stonehaus get together

FOR FILMMAKERS: What if you’re a kick-ass filmmaker already, should you still do this program?

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Case Study Samuel T

FOR EVERYBODY: What it will feel like when you get your first paid gig?

FOR EVERYBODY: Want to work for Disney? Want to move to LA?
See how Jessica did it coming from Columbus, OH.

FOR EVERYBODY: How to break in professionally when you’re surrounded by negativity?

FOR EVERYBODY: Looking for your niche in film?

Mike was worried people in the industry would be cut throat and not open to letting him in!

With the mentorship program, he went from make no money to full time in the film industry. He’s created his niche to be SPECIAL EFFECTS!

FOR EVERYBODY: How do you get out of “job jail” and get people to support your dreams?

AJ had celebrity friends…but even they didn’t help much.

You know the life you want. How do you get to those high levels? Watch the video below.

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AJ interview with car

FOR EVERYBODY: If you are worried you can’t do this, watch this.

FOR EVERYBODY: What if you’re in a rut, trying to make it happen, but out of ideas?

Anna Lee was a struggling actor who was scared about her future and worked at Starbucks. Once she got in the mentorship program, she has ditched the “job jail”, lost 30 lbs, gained tremendous confidence, and works on Chicago Fire!

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Annalee interview

FOR EVERYBODY: How did John get connected to all the big shows in Chicago?

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Case Study John W

FOR FILMMAKERS: How to get into the film industry when film school didn’t work?

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Kelsey interview

FOR ACTORS: What if you’re struggling to join SAG?

FOR EVERYBODY: How to quit your day job and go full time into the industry!

If you are worried about how the transition into the film industry happens, watch this video!

Can you succeed in the industry if you’re from another country?

Lera makes $4-5,000 in the film industry (pays for the program) and gets professional acting roles WITHOUT auditioning!

In the UK? No problem. FIF helps people reach their dreams across the globe.

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Case Study Summer K

Film school or this program?

How quickly can you become a Production Designer?

How quickly can you leave your job?

Ashley didn’t know how to get into the film industry. She thought her job at the news station would lead somewhere.

Now, with the mentorship program, she is a Production Manager and HIRING Production Assistants. Yes, she is one of those people you want to make a connection with! ; – ) She’s that fast and that’s what happens when you do the mentorship program!

How to move to LA with a job already in hand, possibly with America’s Top Model?

Racheal is in Portland. She used the mentorship program to quit her job as a waitress at Red Robin and go full time into film. She is currently working on the TV show Librarians. Her next gig is America’s Top Model.

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Case Study Racheal B

FOR EVERYBODY: Brittney from Utah pays off the program with just 1-2 gigs!

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Case Study Brittney T

FOR EVERYBODY: Should you do this program if you already went to film school and finding some work on your own? See what Lauren says.

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Case Study Lauren B

FOR EVERYBODY: Can you really break into the film industry in your small city?

FOR EVERYBODY: Why it doesn’t work to look for postings to get on big movies.

Alicia saw a posting for a big movie in town. She applied but got turned down.

Then, she did it the FIF way, and got “brought in” as Camera dept! She worked that entire movie, and paid off the ENTIRE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM in only 2 months. (And she didn’t even go to film school and know how to work a camera!) It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know… and you learn that in this program.

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Alicia case study

FOR EVERYBODY: Worried about money and whether you can do this?

Jana made $4,500 in 2 months from the mentorship program, has $2,500 of work lined up… and is giddy with excitement about making a living in film, traveling the world, and having a life that most people dream about! See how you can do it too!

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Jana Testimonial

Jana works on the new TV show, TOP PHOTOGRAPHER!

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Jana show

FOR EVERYBODY: How to travel the world working on feature films?

Because of FIF, Katie hooks up with people who travel the world making feature films.

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Katie W interview

FOR ACTORS: If you’re an actor, know tons of casting directors, but it’s still going slow… watch this video.

I know it may not make sense, but as soon as CDs know you do more than just acting, they refer you all kinds of work. And then you get EVEN MORE acting work! Who knew? ;-)

Nathan talks about roadblocks doing it the traditional way as an actor, but once he did it the FIF way, a whole new world opened up.

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nathan case study

FOR EVERYBODY: What is the best way to make your move to LA?

Watch how Jake goes from a call center job to making $4,000/month as a Production Designer in Los Angeles and living the dream film lifestyle.

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Jake Interview

FOR EVERYBODY: How do you dominate the market and get all the work?

Maria is only 2 months into the mentorship program, and gets paid professional work, where other people who went to film school are only working on student films.

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maria interview

FOR ACTORS: What if you are worried about running out of money?

Isabel talks about how life changed completely, all from doing the mentorship program, and getting PAID PROFESSIONAL work. Now she is “in demand”, knows CDs and agents personally because she works alongside them, and is working every week on professional sets.

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Isabel Interview

FOR EVERYBODY: Should you take the leap and get into the industry our way?

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Will case study

FOR EVERYBODY: Can I really make it in the industry without going to film school?

FOR ACTORS: How do you get on a national TV show without even auditioning?

Jessica books her first job on CNN and gets an acting gig on national TV without even auditioning for it.

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Jessica interview short

FOR ACTORS: You know you have talent. But how do you get in touch with the right people so they see it?

Kate gets hooked up with professionals, who hook her up with more professionals. If you want to know how to get going professionally, Kate lays it out.

FOR ACTORS: How do you get professional acting gigs from Producers and Directors?

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Erin using PAing to get acting roles

FOR EVERYBODY: How to get the life you want! Rachel was already a NEWS PRODUCER, and used the program to get into the kind of work she wanted to be in – FILM!

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Case Study Rachel L

FOR ACTORS: Is it possible to work with big stars?

Yes! Jhoni lands a role opposite Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique on the silver screen!

FOR EVERYBODY: Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill of doing a job you hate, and never making progress on what you really want to do?

Alex was an actor who worked in catering… He is so happy he has “friendship level” relationships with professionals. He works on all the big stuff in NYC now and is “Famous” in FIF for his accomplishments. (This interview was when he first started the program. We will have to do another interview with him soon!) LOVE ALEX!

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Alex interview

FOR EVERYBODY: Emily tells us how much she’s made in the industry since she started the mentorship program.

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emily case study

FOR ACTORS: Carlton skips the audition process and gets jobs straight from Directors and Producers.

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Carlton inside auditions

FOR FILMMAKERS & EVERYBODY: Jen goes from stuck and cleaning a yoga studio to having a career in the film industry (something she never thought was possible!)

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Jen interview

FOR ACTORS: Xavier pays off program and gets principal role on Chicago Fire!

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Xavier Case Study

FOR EVERYBODY: Ashley tells her new station to take a hike, and goes into the film industry in Seattle using FIF.

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Ashley case study

FOR ACTORS: Diana is a SINGLE MOM with 2 daughters, she used to work in RETAIL. Now she’s in the Art UNION and making $3000/month working on feature films and TV shows.

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Diana Interview

FOR EVERYBODY: Keila gets line producer credit from FIF.

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k interview

FOR EVERYBODY: What if you’ve never knew anybody who has succeeded in film?

Charisse finally knows she belongs (on set) and she’s found her people!

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Charisse inspiring video

FOR EVERYBODY: Erin talks about how she’s been on 5 shoots. One of her shoots, Bradley Cooper was producing and acting in!

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erin interview

FOR ACTORS: Kira in Atlanta!

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Kira acts on set

FOR FILMMAKERS: Alex talks about big shoots he is on since he started the mentorship program!

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Alex on shoots

FOR EVERYBODY: Tamira becomes a special effects make up artist from the mentorship program!

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FOR EVERYBODY: How to start a film career in NYC.

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AJ talk

FOR EVERYBODY: Another film career in NYC

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FOR EVERYBODY: Chanukah in Atlanta!

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Chanukah interview

FOR EVERYBODY: Dani has made over $2200 in just a few weeks with the program.

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dani case study


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Jake video

FOR EVERYBODY: Austin in Philly on shoots non-stop, only 2 months in the mentorship program.

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AJ interview NY

FOR ACTORS: Alex gets put in commercial by the Director!

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Alex gets put in commercial

FOR FILMMAKERS: Brandon loves the party on set!

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Brandon case study

FOR FILMMAKERS: Jake goes on location with Grimes, sits in hot tub with producer and makes $600 in 4 days.

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Jake case study

FOR FILMMAKERS: Erin D on How Staying Humble Got Her So Far

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Case Study Erin D


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Joe talk to camera

FOR EVERYBODY: Danielle gets connections in Los Angeles from working on set in her local market.

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danielle on meeting people from LA

FOR EVERYBODY: Bridget in Kansas City!

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bridget interview

FOR EVERYBODY: Goran goes to set.

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FOR ACTORS: Erin meets her hero, Lena Dunham in the bathroom, on set!

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erin meets lena

If you made it this far, you may want to see us filming with a real tiger

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