Below is a proven track record of our Friends in Film students who have been through the A-List in the Industry Mentorship Program.

We have Filmmakers, Cinematographers, and Writers… Camera, Sound, Lighting, Gaffers, Stunts, Editors, Special Effects, SFX Makeup, Hair Stylists, Makeup Stylists, and more… all in one place, in this community, updating us on their tremendous growth in the film industry.

Goran Working on a 10-day Prada Shoot!

Goran is continuously striving to be better: he is always learning, connecting, and appreciating the experiences, opportunities, and people around him. The videos are of him again in his element… giving us great behind-the-scenes as to what what the film industry has to offer. He even made a little montage video for his favorite 1st AC:

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Got booked on a Prada job for 6 days plus 3 or 4 after so total of 10 and the rate is $500/day plus over time!

The DP on this shoot is an amazing friend of mine that I met a couple years ago on another shoot. I am learning and getting paid at the same time. Plus, I’m having a great time and making lots of connections. You gotta love it and it will happen for you.

That’s why now, I embrace it whenever I feel butterflies in my stomach or my nerves going out of control. I tell my self, “Aha, it’s time to grow”.

If you have someone you admire a lot, just ask yourself what would they do? And see what answer you come up with!

One big thing I learned from very successful people is not to just keep looking for next thing… next shining object out there, but to go back and refresh your memory of something that you already learned / know, and that will create a habit and eventually it will become a second nature which will be a signal for you to move to the next step.

I love to do that with books too! I don’t just read it once, I study it and go back and recompile everything I’ve learned.

Here is one of the amazing mentors I had a privilege to meet and work on many many sets. She is one of the most amazing 1st ACs I had a privilege to work with. Plus, she connected me to some amazing people that I am now good friends with, and got me a tons of jobs!

Because I appreciate her, I created a short video of her just as a small token of appreciation! Just a short montage shot from my phone.

What we have here from amazing Janet and all of the Mentors… is all so priceless. Take advantage of all aspects of this training and excel not only in film industry but also in life!

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And another Fashion gig!

Ex-engineer Tamara R utilizes resume- and relationship-building techniques from the modules to become indispensable in the film industry!

$1,000 per day as a Producer?!

Would you like to make $1,000/day as a Producer? Imagine having tons of professionals as your friends… How would life change? Bridget explains the “backdoor” into the film industry and how she became a Producer in only 2 years. We shot this video at one of Janet’s A-list parties!

Bridget on Confidence

Wesley’s update on his interview for Prodigal Son and Working on Clifford!

Wesley utilizes Module 7 from the A-list Immersion Program to prepare and ace his interview as well as perfect his resume.

Before and After A-list | Parker

How the A-list System helped London-native Melanie succeed in the film industry

Goran Goes International

Goran is off to France for Cannes! The film he was a DP on has won an award! He’s come a long way in just two years and we couldn’t be happier for him and everything he’s accomplishing!

From Corporate America to Full-Time Film Professional!

Jocelyn had gone to school for film and acting, and like what happens to so many of us, she got sucked into a regular job she had no interest in. Yet, she always kept that fire burning for what “could’ve been”… She knew she loved filmmaking, yet the more time went by, the more it seemed like it was almost a ridiculous notion to leave a good-paying job for an unknown film career.

What if people didn’t accept her? What if she was too old? What if she didn’t have the skills? Basically, what if she made a fool of herself? Well, she finally decided to give herself permission to go after the film life she always wanted.

Never Give Up. Success is Just Around the Corner!

Before A-list, Jesse worked in psychology. He had tried to get into film for years, working on student films, and even worked as an assistant to a celebrity. He had given up, when he found A-list. Now he’s a PRODUCTION MANAGER. He HIRES A-list people! He’s up to work on the feature film, Torrance, with Ben Affleck. And just finished Ghostbusters.

He’s the first in his family to work in film!

Carlton works on big feature films: just finished Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford. He’s worked on Veep, American Horror Story, and Law and Order. He is the first amongst his family to work in the film industry.

Can you quit your job and work on a network TV show?

Sparkman’s huge successes!

You don’t have to struggle anymore!

Patrick did everything to get people to notice his work. He applied to postings, emailed his resume, and called people. It was going too slow!

See what he did that landed him at Paramount studios and booking consistent film work!

When he moved to Atlanta to pursue film work, he had no contacts, but used Friends In Film methods to move right back into his niche.

Patrick before and after A-list:

Have the confidence to make your career what you’ve always wanted!

Trent was stuck working in TV news. He wanted to get on bigger projects but wasn’t sure how to do it.

With the help of Friends In Film, he’s moved out to LA and is working as a camera operator on all kinds of projects. He’s come a long way!

Parker tells us her Professional and Mental Journey

… From working in a survival job in Columbus, Ohio, to working full time in the film industry in LA!

A-list Mentor Tawnja|Before and after A-list

Our 1st Trans Filmmaker is rocking it in NYC!

What if you’re a kick-ass filmmaker already, should you still do this program?

$2800 in 3 days, folks!

…And this is just the beginning!

How to quit your day job and go full time into film!

When the film school you went to didn’t work?

Curtis in Vegas ☀️

Going from Apartment building complex maintenance → working in film! 🙌

How to break in professionally when you’re surrounded by negativity?

Ashley breaks into the film industry in Seattle!

Before and after A-list | Ashley

Case Study Update | Jake T Art Directing in LA!

AJ in a commercial!

John is connected to all the big shows in Chicago.

How did he do it!?

See where you could be in 6 months!

Rolan recently worked as a 1st AD! HUGE! 😍

In the UK? FIF has got you covered!

Film School and DEBT go hand-in-hand.


From HOMELESS to living the dream.

How to get out of “jail jobs”?

AJ knows many celebrity people… but even they didn’t help him much. Only YOU can get the life you want. How do you reach for it?

Cleaning a yoga studio → working in film!

See how Jen did it!