Are Major Feature Films Your Goal?

If the goal is to work on major feature films, watch this. A-lister Sparkman lays out how she got connected with mentors in span of 2 years, and working on major shows like Isn’t it Romantic, Orange is the New Black, and Gotham. She has work coming out of her ears and there is a reason.


Do you get nervous sometimes? Do you see other people and go, “They’re super confident… not me.”A-lister Sparkman explains how she struggled with being nervous when she started out and how she grew into the person she wanted to be.

People trying to SCARE you out of the business?

Ever feel discouraged and feel maybe the film business is not for you? People trying to scare you away from the industry? A-LISTER Sparkman says people tried to scare her out of the business. Don’t be discouraged.  It’s just because you’re starting they think they have something to teach you. Not always… and protect your mind. See what I’m talking about here.

People Giving You Advice About Your Career?

People LOVE to give advice on what you should do. Have they ever been in the film industry? Do they have the life you want? A-lister Sparkman tells us whether she listens to her parents, her acting coach, other people on set, etc. This will help you. If people are giving you advice, here’s what to do.