What jobs in film should you be doing?

I’m wondering if you may have some skills that could help you in the film industry that could make you a lot of money? I suspect so! Acting? Writing? Camera? Production design? Special effect? Stunts? So many jobs and some work really well together to give you a very exciting life! This video is from our training series, and is pure content! Come SEE what your life could look like!

What if You Make a Mistake?!

What if you make a mistake on set? Man, this can BURN you, or it can make the relationship stronger. In this video, I share with you one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made and what I did to resolve it. To your success!

When Shit Hits the Fan

Film shoots are usually fun. Sometimes, they can be STRESSFUL. On this particular shoot in Hawaii, the “shit hit the fan”. This video is pure content… you can turn a tough situation into you getting hired again and again. You’ve got to know this. To your success!

Why it’s OK to Get Pissed Off Sometimes

If you are feeling pissed off, is that a good thing or bad thing? When you’re trying to do something that nobody’s done before, does it help you to be a little arrogant — or how should you be? Great question. I felt this way too. Oh, big time! I went towards arrogant, when inside I felt self-doubt. I can help you with this, in this video.

Should You Buy Gear NOW?

As you know, I help people get professional work inside the film industry. I know what gets people working, since I work on professional sets every week! A question I sometimes get is, “Should I buy gear? Will it help me get hired?” I think it’s good… I bought all my gear and rented it out when I started… but you must consider this very important point.

High Level Questions to Ask on Set

How do you have conversations with people on set to move into the acting, writing, directing, producing? I’ve worked with people who stuck as PAs for 5 years. I’ve worked with people who move straight up into the crafts. What are they doing different. Here is the difference.

Should actors PA?

If you’re an actor, will people take you seriously if you’re a PA? How about if you want to own your own production company? Should you PA? What if you don’t know what you want to do? What should you do? I lay it all out in this short video. And my husband Joe jumps in to tell us about something that happened on set. To your success!