Film Industry Jobs in Atlanta and Alabama | FIF Craft Certification Mentor Patrick

Currently, Atlanta is the largest film market in the world, focusing on scripted TV as well as feature films. A-list Mentor Patrick is an IATSE 479 union member there and has worked on a number of big shows in the sound department including The Walking Dead (he got to be a zombie 😃) and Stranger Things.

With all the shoots happening, there are always open production jobs in Atlanta. Patrick has taken advantage of this, day playing to get on a lot of shoots and expand his network. This has helped land him work on more shows as well as feature films.

Atlanta is the biggest market in the area, far busier and more developed than anything else in the region. This means that production workers from Atlanta are often flown around to nearby states where there aren’t enough people to fill the roles. Recently Patrick was flown to Birmingham, Alabama and got paid $22 per hour as well as all his travel expenses. Not a bad deal!

If you’re in one of the smaller markets like Alabama, you can use that to your advantage as well. For the most part it doesn’t matter where you are; there is a film industry you can access.

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