5 o’clock fries

So, when you work at McDonalds, you work in the City of Industry. That’s about 1 hour east from LA. They have a McDonalds that looks like a real McDonalds, but the whole thing is only for shooting commercials. They have an entire working kitchen, rooms for production, and some offices in there. At 5 o’clock, they make everyone french fries. It’s called “5 o’clock fries”. Believe me, I don’t eat french fries. But these french fries are not in that category… because they are fresh oil, fresh potatoes, done perfectly, and they are amazing. So, yes, we all eat them as we work and it’s so fun! Watch the video!

Hollywood center studios

OMG, I love Hollywood Center Studios.   It's so quaint!   They filmed The Player, When Harry Met Sally, Karate Kid and a bunch of old time shows like Adams Family, I love Lucy, The Cosby Show, Beverly Hillbillies.   It's the cutest little studio in the heart of Hollywood.  We shoot there a few times a year, every year.  You got to let me know when you shoot there.   For a little heads up, watch this video!  

Background casting

So, here is a list of background casting companies.  Some may be in your area, and if you have some companies to add to the list, please post them in yammer. Also call the film commission in your area, and ask them, “Who are the main background casting companies in our area?” We can use this information 3 killer ways: 1.  We can sign up with the background casting companies in your area and do some background work.  Paid work.  $50-150/day.    Observe the film set, watch the PAs, and connect, if you can with the 2nd AD, or 2nd 2nd AD. 2.  We can scan these sites and look for low budget indie films where the PRODUCER or DIRECTOR is doing the casting.  Then, we send them our “Want…

Get an acting gig immediately!

Tony gets an acting gig right off the bat! Is it crazy to imagine working on a set, being paid to be there, being put in the movie, hanging out with celebrities at night and joking around on set all day?   Might I add, getting an acting credit in a professional feature film?  And you didn’t even ask for it? Yes, Tony is an actor.   He had an agent.  He was tired of his acting career consisting of a few auditions a month, and no way to make relationships.   He had been doing it the traditional way, for 2 years…and it was way to sloooooowwww.    Then, he found Friends in Film. He shares his story below.   If you want this, you can do this too….

Attractive enough to be in film?

Am I attractive enough to be an actor? Janet here. This post is from our mentorship class, and it’s so good, I wanted to post it here for you. Jenny writes: “I fear that I will not be hired as an actor, due to a fear of not being attractive enough for what the industry seems to want.” Friends in film mentor Andrew Carlson responds: Andrew writes:    I was just at a FOX event called Ladies’ Night Out where it was a panel of Fox powerful female actors/producers/directors/creators and they focused on a bunch of these topics. The one thing that stuck out to me the most was that Hollywood executives don’t just hang out in their office thinking about the “type” of person they want. They leave that…

For Actors – how to get connected.

 ​      ​   ​   ​    The Fastest Way to the Higher Tiers of the Film Industry Deconstructed. The question that I am asked most often is, “How do I get to the good roles in movies and TV?  I know I need an agent, but what is the path to get this whole thing going?” First, you can make this happen.   Even though some people don’t think you can make a career being an actor, they don’t know the industry.  They are judging it from the outside. Let me tell you, there are jobs out there, acting and behind-the-scenes jobs, and many people are doing them now.   You can get these jobs too. First, Get some good ACTING TRAINING. Obviously, you need to know how to act.   What acting…

Case Study: Hotels.com Shoot at My House!!!

You know those famous hotels.com commercials? Well they shot one at my house! Yes come see the behind-the-scenes as I run around, seeing all my friends, sneaking up on them and so happy to have people that I know and work with shooting at my house!!!

Film Unions & How You get Medical

If you’re looking to work in the film industry. I bet you’ve heard a bit about film unions. But how do they work? How do you get in? How do you get medical? In this video, I give you an overview.