Your confidence allows others to be confident in you.

If you want to move up quickly in the industry, you have to walk with confidence. When tasks are being delegated, you don’t want people worrying about whether or not you can accomplish them.

Everyone develops their own method of getting into a confident state, so find one that works for you. You want to be open, friendly, and excited to be on set. Be that kind of person and professionals won’t worry about giving you challenging tasks with more responsibility. If you find yourself with extra time, just go up to people and ask “what do you need?”

Sometimes it’s about making small, simple commitments to yourself to move decisively. You’ll still face moments of shyness and uncertainty, but over time these will stop you from acting less and less often. The time it takes you to move past those moments will get shorter each time you conquer those feelings. You’ll become a new, more confident version of yourself, and professionals will take notice.

Remember: everyone on set is human just like you. It sounds a little dumb, but it’s true and useful to remember. There are shy people in the industry (even shy actors, as strange as that may seem). What sets the successful people apart from the unsuccessful ones is whether or not they can remember why they want to be in the film industry and if they refuse to let temporary emotions get in their way.

Our brains are just trying to keep us safe, but playing it safe is not the way we grow. Focus on your goal of getting into the industry and building an exciting career for yourself surrounded by great people who are excited to be there. If you keep that in mind, nothing is going to stop you.

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