The Impact Of Negative Energy On Those Around You When Networking In The Film Industry

We all need to work to control negative energy that comes up on set or in our personal lives.

Either consciously or unconsciously, people pick up on how you feel. Regardless of whether or not you feel your frustration is justified, getting upset with others will only breed more negative energy. This can hurt networking opportunities and if it happens too often could actually put your career in jeopardy.

You want to get into film?

It doesn’t matter what department you’re working in or trying to get into— if you want to be successful, focus on staying in a good state of mind and be helpful on set. Be the person you would love to work with. Be the person you would love to be around. Become the best version of yourself and watch how life will start to happen for you instead of to you.

Everyone craves being around people who make them feel good! Who wouldn’t want to work with a bright, positive person a second time? Cultivate a good mindset and you WILL become in demand.

We get hired more for our attitudes and the energy we bring than our technical skill. This is an important key that will open doors throughout your career in film.

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