Effortlessly Get Work on a Filmset

Tamara was hired as an extra for $600 to walk in the background of a commercial. To get the job, all she did was make another connection like she’d done a million times before, chat with them a bit on a shoot, and shortly after had an opportunity for a fun, easy job with great pay dropped at her feet. The same thing will be happening to you, too, with just a bit of effort on your part.

We know that success in the entertainment industry is all about making connections, so how exactly is that done?

Well, there’s quite a bit to it, but the basis of it is this: become magnetic. Be thoughtful and giving, put everything you have into each job and people will love you for it. They’ll want to be around you more. When you can, send people work, and they’ll return the favor.

The friends you make “in the trenches” will be sending you opportunities throughout your career. All you need to do is become the person you would want to hire and work with and opportunities will be thrown your way.

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