The Last Woman Standing | How Tamara Started Working On Mythbusters

The skills you’ve already developed throughout life will set you apart from other actors. You can actually cultivate a personality that connects you harmoniously with other people; you don’t have to be born that way :) Department heads will see that, as well as the directors and producers who fill acting roles, and remember you for it. That will lead to future work in both production and acting, because who wouldn’t want to be around someone who makes them feel great?

By working in production, you’ll be music to the ears of film professionals who hire you. They want someone who understands everything happening on set, how the different departments interact, and what everyone needs.

Tamara’s background in science and engineering made her the perfect addition to the MythBusters team, and her broad, deep knowledge of set made having her around a no brainer.

Humble yourself. Treat people well on set, and everyone will see that and remember it. Out of 10,000 applicants, Tamara was one of 10 chosen. Deliver 110% always.

Build up your skills and knowledge of all departments on set. Taking the time to understand these different areas makes you invaluable. Ask questions of departments you’re less familiar with and find good people to build relationships with.

Some actors only know acting. Tamara knows casting, wardrobe, and many other areas of production.

The soft skills she’s acquired set her apart from everyone else. Her “Get-it-Factor” lead her to move and act in ways that talent normally doesn’t, like grabbing snacks and waters for others. This sort of consideration is not the norm. It demonstrates both respect and appreciation for everyone’s contribution to the shoot.

That’s how you win over a film crew.

The skills you’re developing by working in production will set you apart from other actors. We want you to be the obvious choice in an overly saturated market, and with just a little knowledge, you will be.

Think about yourself as the best for the job and conduct yourself that way. Always be focusing on how much you can give to a shoot as opposed to what you can get out of it.

Being the best person on set IS the way you get called back for more work and singled out to be mentored.

Make a decision to be the best in all areas of life and the best will happen to you.

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