Networking and Film Industry Relationships

In this video, Staci gives some examples of how a solid network has benefited her and her friends on set. Staci has worked on numerous TV shows including Madam Secretary, Mr. Robot, High Maintenance, and Broad City. They are always working to make new connections and maintain strong friendships with film professionals working in NYC. Having these relationships has helped them create a prolific career in just one year.

How do you ensure you have a steady workflow as a freelancer? From the day you are on your first set, you’ll be meeting people, exchanging info with them, and starting to make friends. As you get on more and more sets, this web of connections will grow and your friendships will deepen. You can reach out to this network to let them know when you have openings in your schedule, and if they have a job opportunity, they can send it to you. That’s another set where you can meet people and expand your network even further.

One thing I love about the film industry is that, over time, the people in your network can become like a family. Film shoots are 10-12 hour days which gives you time to build strong bonds with the people you work with on project after project. Your friends in film can help your career by becoming (or pointing you toward) mentors, helping you develop your craft, and offering support when you’re feeling frustrated or lost.

Working in the film industry is the most fun and rewarding career you can have. The people you meet on set will become lifelong friends who help you achieve your goals and grow into the person you’re meant to be!

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