When to Quit Your Job and go full time into film?

I tell you, hating my job was a HUGE motivator for me to get into the film industry. So, when should you quit your job and go into film? Is it good to up and quit so you have to make it? Or is it good to take your time and transition? Here’s what I think!  I hope this will help you so you set yourself up for success.

Get Roles Without Auditioning

You can get roles without even auditioning. Did you know that? Happens all the time. You can do the 10 year plan and audition.  The industry statistic is 50 professional auditions to 1 role. How long will it take you to do 50 professional auditions? 2 years? 4 years? That means you are not making money as an actor, you’re auditioning all the time and it’s costing you money. You want to pick and choose your auditions. See how to get roles without auditioning.  When you get on film sets, working alongside professionals, and NOT as background — you can get put straight into the film. If you’ve been hoping for a shortcut, here it is.

Accelerate Your Acting Training

They say, “If you want to go fast, do what someone successful is doing”. Model them. It’s a lot of work trying to get your name out there. Is there another way? Yes, do what these professional actors did. If you’re over 25 years old, you need to get moving. You need an accelerated plan. That is what I teach.  Take a look at this method to getting acting training without going to expensive schools. Watch this video. It’s only 52 seconds long! To get involved in Friends In Film, go to

How to get Hired in the Film Industry!

You might be skilled at your craft, multi-talented, studied filmmaking. You could be a great asset… but STILL not getting professional work. Why? You might be doing the wrong things. If you don’t know this, you will waste your best years, never getting the levels you should.

Concerned about whether you’ll have enough TIME?

The film industry is high paying, and also long hours. How do you fit in in family, friends, and kids? Well, you may have MORE time with kids because you won’t have to work Monday though Friday, 9-5. That’s good. You’ll make more money, working far less days. That’s awesome. See how you can do it too.

Concerned about Leaving Family?

Is one of your biggest turmoils leaving your family to make a career in film? I can totally relate. I felt that way too. It can be the hardest thing you do… or depending on the situation, the easiest thing you do. Here’s how I felt about it. Maybe it can help you.

All the Film Jobs You can Do!

Love acting? Love filming? Editing? Special effects make-up? You might have an idea of what you want to do… but there are also a ton of jobs you’ve never considered! Great money, exciting life, and use skills you already have!

Connections can grow fast!

Professional Connections is the thing most actors and filmmakers don’t have! No connections, no career. It literally determines how far you get in the film industry… or how long you struggle on the outside. Come see how fast your connections can grow! P.S. If you want to grow your connections, I invite you to do our next FilmConnection training. Here is the link: www.breakinprofessionally.com You may know professionals, go get coffee, pick their brain… but if you’re not getting hired for professional work, it’s not enough. This is what people struggle with the most!

Should you work for FREE??

When you’re starting out, people are going to ask you to work for free A LOT. You could go YEARS only working for free, and have it not lead to paid work. Here’s what we think about working for free, whether you should be doing it or not.

Getting JUDGEMENT from Friends & Fam?

What if your family or friends don’t support you going into film? They have their doubts. They think you want to be famous. They don’t understand. See how it all changes, very quickly when you do this…