Want to do A-List, but not sure How?

If you’ve seen these case studies, and wondering how all of these people got into the industry, watch this video. Yes, our paid program costs money. Because it makes you even more money. Much more. And it gets you the life you want. The program pays for itself. Come see how to get this life now!

Build a Business or Get into Film?

There are a lot of enticing ideas out there online. It seems like you could make a lot of money and after, you have a ton of money, THEN get into the film industry. That is a huge mistake. Seriously, you can lose your money and your best years in the film industry.

“Checking Your Avail…”

“Checking your avail…” are the 3 most beautiful words you can get in an email. How you make that happen, is an art. How you make hundreds of people, checking your availability for paid, professional work, that is the whole point! That’s when you have a career!

What Do You Want?

You’ll need a pen and paper for this. One of the best things you can do is write down “What do you want?” in your life. Don’t just think it. You’ve got to write it out! It’s all about the film work, the career. And you creating a life you love! So, do this exercise, OK? Put it on your mirror. Let’s see what you come up with!

How to GET OVER the scarcity mindset!

I grew up pretty poor. Lots of successful people did. The only problem with growing up poor, is that you can go very slow in life, because you conserve everything. You want a soda, you get water. You want ice-cream? No way. You get so used to cramping down on what you want and saying no to yourself, you can be creating a life that is focused on scarcity. Without knowing it.

Interview With A Writer: Advice on becoming a screenwriter!

If you want to make it professionally as a WRITER, watch this interview! Stephanie was an actor for this shoot I was on.  She also is a writer and sold her screenplay to the Weinstein company. Who is now defunct but another company has picked it up and they are making it into a movie. Some amazing insight here!

Connections can grow fast!

Professional Connections is the thing most actors and filmmakers don’t have! No connections, no career. It literally determines how far you get in the film industry… or how long you struggle on the outside. Come see how fast your connections can grow! Janet P.S. If you want to grow your connections, I invite you to do our next FilmConnection training. Here is the link:  www.breakinprofessionally.com You may know professionals, go get coffee, pick their brain…  but if you’re not getting hired for professional work, it’s not enough. This is what people struggle with the most!

Surround yourself with power players

You can make your luck by surrounding yourself with power players. When they are top film professionals that’s when you start getting opportunities! Here’s how you do it!