What you don’t know about A-List

If you don’t know much about it, our A-List Mentorship program is our paid program to get people working on their dream jobs… What you’ve learned in FilmConnection is only tip-of-the-iceberg material. Now, it’s time to take a deeper dive and IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned! As you go on this journey, questions will come up. All sorts of things will happen on- and off-set. You are continuously meeting and making an impression on a bunch of professionals.  The A-List Mentorship program is what all the people you see on this page and this page have gone through. They’re now full-time in the film industry. And living the life they’ve been desiring for ages.

“What if I’m Trans?”

What if you’re trans? What if you look different? Will that affect your career in the film industry? The film industry is probably the most accepting, diverse, different, wacky, wonderful industry in the world. The film set is a place for ALL who have good energy and work hard. You will be AT HOME. :-)

What if you’re in OVER YOUR HEAD?

Here’s how to refer people if you feel you’re in “over your head”. This only happens when you’re moving TOO FAST. (This happens with the A-list program.) Can that be a bad thing? Well, sometimes. But here’s what to do, so it works for you and you end up in an even better position! To your success! :-)

$650 is your day rate.

The motto for today is: Get your f-ing ass into the film industry. YOU’LL DO REALLY WELL! :-) But only if you want to make $650 a day. See how to do it, it’s do-able!

AFRAID it’s not gonna work?

Goran is one of many success stories coming out of Friends in Film and even he had trouble taking the first step! Here’s a quick video explaining what you might be keeping you from starting your new life in the Film Industry and how you can push past it!

How Old is TOO Old?

Sometimes I’m asked, “I’m 38 years old… is it too late for me to make a career in the film industry?” Here’s what I think…

Get Your Money Right…

Money is a big deal, and us creative people don’t usually want to think about it. My first year, I gave away $10,000 I could have put in my pocket. I could have bought a nice car! That hurts. This is MAJOR. You should watch this video now. It’s 3 minutes long. Come see what I’m talking about.

Why are Production Jobs So Good for Your Career?

Ever heard the quote, “Do what other people won’t do, and you can do what you want for the rest of your life?” Why does this work? Cause you’re being different! Bold! Outrageous! Yeah, why not?! STAND OUT to stand out! Come see what I’m talking about. Most people would never think of working in production to get ACTING GIGS. Yeah. Come see a real shortcut to get the life you want. :-)