Your shortcut into the film industry without film school or acting school

The A-List work study program is your shortcut into the film industry without film school or acting school. The cost of film school is extremely high, and it doesn’t get you the work. Top film schools and film making courses teach you theory, which is not a real set. You’ll spend way too much money to start out in a job as someone without any education.

The average cost of going to film school is $80,000 to $100,000. You have four years of study without learning on a real set. Film in theory is far off from film in practice. Most people who go to film school wind up deep in debt. You’ll spend four years in school. Maybe you’ll get lucky with an entry level job on set.

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Case Study: Shoot at My House!!!

You know those famous commercials?

Well they shot one at my house! Yes come see the behind-the-scenes as I run around, seeing all my friends, sneaking up on them and so happy to have people that I know and work with shooting at my house!!!

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Film Unions & How You get Medical

If you’re looking to work in the film industry.

I bet you’ve heard a bit about film unions.

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What jobs in film should you be doing?

I’m wondering if you may have some skills that could help you in the film industry that could make you a lot of money?

I suspect so!

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What if You Make a Mistake?!

What if you make a mistake on set? Man, this can BURN you, or it can make the relationship stronger.

In this video, I share with you one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made and what I did to resolve it.

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When Shit Hits the Fan

Film shoots are usually fun. Sometimes, they can be STRESSFUL.

On this particular shoot in Hawaii, the “shit hit the fan”.

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Why it’s OK to Get Pissed Off Sometimes

If you are feeling pissed off, is that a good thing or bad thing?

When you’re trying to do something that nobody’s done before, does it help you to be a little arrogant — or how should you be?

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Should You Buy Gear NOW?

As you know, I help people get professional work inside the film industry.

I know what gets people working, since I work on professional sets every week!

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High Level Questions to Ask on Set

How do you have conversations with people on set to move into the acting, writing, directing, producing?

I’ve worked with people who stuck as PAs for 5 years.

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The Truth About Coming to LA

Want to come to LA to break into the film industry?

Watch this video. I share with you the right way to do it.

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