How much do Film Jobs Really Pay?

We’ve all heard the film industry is high-pay, but what is the reality? And what does high-pay even mean? Let’s look at some actual numbers. This will get rid of some of your stress and uncertainties, I’m sure. Ready for this life?

Understand THIS to Get Started in FILM!

This is how you can get started on film shoots THIS WEEK. Yes, you can ditch your job and go straight into the professional film industry. You don’t know all the shoots happening around you. You can find them and get going. Come see the way to do it. 🙌

Be the FIRST in your family …

This video was shot right on set. Carlton surprised Janet while she was just arriving on set. He is working as a KEY department head on set! He just worked with Harrison Ford on “Call of the Wild”, worked with New Kids on the block, and on the TV shows Veep, Law & Order and Westworld. How would it feel to be the first in your family to work in the film industry on blockbuster movies? Imagine how proud you’d feel? Imagine what an example you’d be for your family and friends! When would be a good time to start this life? Now, might be a great idea! Come see how Carlton is now working on the biggest shows in Hollywood!

ATTN: Professionals who want a career change!

If you’re a professional, working in the medical, financial or tech industry, but always wanted to work in film, you have the skills to do it! Jesse worked in psychology… and is currently a Production Manager for TV shows. See how he transitioned into film (without going back to school)! We shot this video at a party at my house!  That is the master bathroom behind Jesse! Maybe you will come to one of our A-list parties soon!

$1,000 per day as a Producer?

Would you like to make $1,000/day as a Producer? Imagine having tons of professionals as your friends… How would life change? Bridget explains the “backdoor” into the film industry and how she became a Producer in only 2 years. We shot this video at one of Janet’s A-list parties. Maybe you can make one of these parties, with all film professionals!

On Location: Film Shoot In Hawaii

Is it really possible to get paid to travel the world in film? I did. I travelled all over the Amazon (Venezuela, Brazil, Peru) and Patagonia (Argentina and Chile).  Also, Costa Rica!  All for film shoots!  Get your passport READY! Right after I got back from that shoot, they called me for a shoot with Jeremy Renner. That story is coming soon!  It will be story 2 in this series! You can be doing shoots like this soon!  That’s the whole point of the film industry, to live an unconventional life!!! Janet

Janet Shares Tips to Transform Your Career

Stop going slow with your career. Stop thinking you can’t do it. This is a choice you’ve made. In fact, the opposite is true. Time to go fast… your career will blossom from this approach.

Feeling Discouraged?

If you are feeling discouraged, here’s what to do about it… Watch this video and instantly change your state. This video is only 1 minute long!

What They Don’t Teach You in School

This is what I never learned in school. And it has led to all my success. Man, if they taught this in schools, there’d be a lot more millionaires at a young age.