Your shortcut into the film industry without film school or acting school

The A-List work study program is your shortcut into the film industry without film school or acting school. The cost of film school is extremely high, and it doesn’t get you the work. Top film schools and film making courses teach you theory, which is not a real set. You’ll spend way too much money to start out in a job as someone without any education.

The average cost of going to film school is $80,000 to $100,000. You have four years of study without learning on a real set. Film in theory is far off from film in practice. Most people who go to film school wind up deep in debt. You’ll spend four years in school. Maybe you’ll get lucky with an entry level job on set.

Four years is a large chunk out of your life. Think about how old you’ll be four years from now.

The FIF Into The Industry Certification program is exactly that – a work study program. You learn filmmaking on set from your first day. Instead of paying a school to teach you theory, A-List methods gets you on set so you’re paid to learn in the real world.

We take the time to find your passions. Then we take a look at your skills from your previous work and experiences in life.

Both of these are important. You’ll be seen as a professional from the beginning. It’s a great start to foster relationships with insiders. You’ll not only get on set, but also develop lasting relationships with the people who can accelerate your career.

Most people are surprised to learn they have skills they can apply to the set – skills that didn’t come from film school! Just by taking an inventory of those skills, you’ll be confident and comfortable working around experienced insiders.

It’s those insiders you are going to learn your craft from. You’ll get paid to learn and gain real-world experience!

A-list Mentor Goran was thirty years old when he joined the FIF Into The Industry Certification program. He considered film school and A-List, and decided on A-List. It just made sense to him. He looked at his life and wondered where he’d be in 4 years.

He was already working on set within a month of joining. He started out at $150 a day, then made $180 a day. He quickly moved up to $250 and $500 a day. His regular rate now is $700-$800 a day!

The secret to success in the film industry is Get It Factor. Just like with Goran, we are going to show you the mentality and way of being on set that gets you ahead. When you start as a production assistant, you’ll see the big difference between yourself and other production assistants who don’t quite have Get It Factor.

You’ll go fast in your craft! You’ll move ahead of production assistants because you’ll have Get It Factor from day one. Film school teaches nothing about Get It Factor.

Goran doesn’t even have to promote himself to get work. People refer him because he has Get It Factor. Other people promote him as number one. It’s why Goran recently got a job for $1500!

You can learn Get It Factor too. You’ll understand the mentality and set skills that get you ahead. We reinforce these methods by showing you how to network with insiders. You’ll already be on set, in contact with the professionals who can advance your career. To get them to mentor you is a bit of an art form, and you’ll know how.

The result is magical. You’re getting paid, and paid well, to learn your craft right on set. You’ll be making the kind of money Goran makes in a short time from now.

Even better than that, you’ll be around others who have the same passions that you have. It’s a perfect recipe for lifelong friendships, great money, and personal growth!

A-List methods make it possible!

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