Move fast in your craft.

People were surprised how fast I moved in the film industry. How come some people move faster than others? They don’t believe you have to spend YEARS doing the lower jobs. SEE what I’m talking about here.

How to get the opportunity to learn!

Can you can get taught right on a film set? For anything you want to do? You sure can. While getting PAID. Great money! :-) Come see what you can do!

Small Market? That’s GREAT!

If you’re in a small city, you might think you have to move to LA or NYC to make it in film. Hold your horses! You have a great opportunity, right in your backyard. It can set you up for success! Come see what I’m talking about!

Film Shoots are Happening Around You!

Do you feel like there’s no film industry presence where you live? Don’t let that stop you. Things have changed and there’s more happening than you may know about. You can get industry experience right now on film shoots. Then you can meet professionals who come to your area to shoot! Take a look at how you can do this, because you can do this now, and it’s very important to your career.

Jobs LINED UP in Los Angeles?

Want to have jobs lined up BEFORE you come to LA? Come see how it realistically happens. Here’s how A-lister Jessica got to LA with a job lined up!

Need a work visa?

The film industry is super diverse in the US: folks of all nationalities and backgrounds. Thousands have walked the same path you’re about to walk right now! If you have the drive, passion, and work ethic, it is actually an advantage to go into the film industry as someone who’s not yet a citizen.

Thinking about Film School?

You really want a career in film— writing, acting, editing or camera. Do you need to go back to school for those? There’s another way that gets you the same result. Actually much more direct. And you make money instead of accumulating massive debt.