Finding Success in the Film Industry

Pursuing your dreams to work in the Film Industry can often seem like a maze that doesn’t have a clear entry or exit. Life before Friends In Film is different for everyone. Even finding a network of support, or an understanding of what it takes to build a high-paying career in the Film Industry often appears to be an uphill battle. But, the good news is – there’s plenty of people who are or were in the same spot! Crystal, who resides in Texas, began Friends In Film from the recommendation of a professor while obtaining an undergraduate degree in film and graphic design. After college, she spent years on small independent film projects with little to no-pay, but couldn’t understand why it seemed so difficult to break into paid…

Is film school worth it?

First of all, I love learning. I know how valuable it is and I’m not saying that you won’t learn anything in film school. If there is something you want in your life, a class can jumpstart you to do all the right things to make it happen. But a lot of people assume that film school is the only way in and even worse, they think film school will somehow give them an edge in the film business. This just isn’t true. Film school requires a massive investment. Most film school graduates spend upwards of $60,000 on their degrees with no guarantee that they’ll ever get enough work to pay that off. The payment plan can easily amount to $600 per month… for 20 years! A debt of $60,000…

COVID-19’s Effect on the Film Industry & When are Jobs Coming Back?

Do you feel like just when you were getting things going for your film career, the coronavirus hit and now you’ve got nothing? Obviously, this pandemic has caused substantial in income loss to the film industry, just like any other business around the world. All of the productions around the world are in a pause mode until they can all safely start shooting again, there are some productions that have already started up because the fact is: Production cannot stop for long. Let’s think about a simple question. “When is it the best time to start anything and get ahead quickly?” When everything and everyone else is at a standstill! Life is uncertain. You know that. You could ask yourself if it’s a good time to get into the film…

Best school for film? the film set!

The film set is the best school for film… because you learn all the things to do and not do! And how to respond when things don’t go to planned. Which happens a lot! Transcription: Don’t run around with the energy of like your head cut of. Not good. Centered. Breathe. Pay attention. Listen do your best job and if you make a mistake it’s okay we make mistakes all the time. For instance, I recently worked with Oscar award winning Damien Chazelle, the director of La La Land. I am the head of the sound department. My job is a sound mixer. And this was the last day of the shoot… and it involved music playback that the talent was dancing. The AD yelled, “Play back!” So I’m playing…

Double dipping to make BANK.

Are you wondering how to better connect with people in the industry? Tamara used Friends in Film to become a sought-after wardrobe stylist and actress on film shoots.  She makes $900 per day as a Wardrobe stylist and $1,000 per day as an actress. In the video below, she shares what has worked for her to connect with people who HIRE her.

How can you look like a professional without even opening your mouth?

Let me share with you how to look like a professional without even opening your mouth. Have you noticed what everyone does once camera starts rolling? Once you understand set etiquette you will stand out from the pack. Here’s another tip video I made while driving from one set location to another. This simple tip will make you look like a professional on set! Go watch it now, it’s only a minute long!

What if I just want to direct? How do I become known?

Is it really even possible to think that I’m ever going to be a feature film director? Or be paid lots of money to do the kind of work that I want to do? I know it can feel like it’s the long road and that it might not ever happen considering where you are today. Have you ever heard of “if you model people that are doing what you want to, that’s the fastest way to get there”? In this video, I’m going to share with you how somebody who is seriously going to make it happen as a Director…exactly what they would do. Watch this video to learn the “Get It Factor for Aspiring Director’s”!

Lunch on set

Yes, it’s Humble Pie catering. OK, if you come to LA, eventually you’re going to get Humble Pie and you will never forget the day. Watch the video!

How to go forward even when you feel fear

You’ve got an important audition coming up. You have a chance to meet someone you need to make a good impression on. Do you know how to bring forward your best self, in that moment, and blow it out of the water? How do you be your best self even when you feel fear?  Watch the video below! Inside of every single person, even inside of me, there is fear. Do you put things off, because you don’t want to be uncomfortable? Do you shy away from conversations, (or asking someone out) because you don’t want to get rejected? Do you stay in a job you hate.. afraid you won’t find a better one? Are you are afraid of going to a new place… because you won’t know anybody? The list is endless, right?…

Film Jobs Case Study: Lessons from the Set

  I had 2 shoots this last week. One was an industrial for Bank of America. The production company was out of Chicago, super nice guys, and they had a good budget and paid people well.  AND they did a Starbucks run every afternoon and ordered whatever we wanted. Then, on Wednesday, I got a call from Andrew, VTR, telling me about the technical challenges of the shoot coming up on Friday and Saturday. I got the first hint that Friday and Saturday weren’t going to be so straightforward. I asked the production team to email me the storyboards. They emailed over the pre-production book right away. I see some crazy shots and moving around and start to get into ‘I better get to work on this’ mode. I called…