How to go forward even when you feel fear

You’ve got an important audition coming up.

You have a chance to meet someone you need to make a good impression on.

Do you know how to bring forward your best self, in that moment, and blow it out of the water?

How do you be your best self even when you feel fear?  Watch the video below!

Inside of every single person, even inside of me, there is fear.

Do you put things off, because you don’t want to be uncomfortable?

Do you shy away from conversations, (or asking someone out) because you don’t want to get rejected?

Do you stay in a job you hate.. afraid you won’t find a better one?

Are you are afraid of going to a new place… because you won’t know anybody?

The list is endless, right?

When these thoughts come up, what do you do, mentally?

I suspect the fear locks up you.

You can’t be this GREAT PERSON, because you’re afraid. Why do you do this?

Because you fear the unknown.

Can you recall a time when you had to give a speech and you absolutely didn’t want to?

Why didn’t you want to?

Because you were afraid.

What they would think?

What is you freeze up?

What if you fail, and feel really bad about yourself?

It’s too much to take.   Easier to avoid it.

But… deep inside, you know you are paying a price.

You have become smaller because of fear.

Believe me, I have been there.

What should you do when you begin to feel fear?

You need to get busy.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing but if it’s the film industry…

get inside of the business and work.

It’s the best thing for you to do when you have fear about the business.

Instantly realize that you’re too busy to worry about feeling fear and you’ll accomplish more.

Constantly take baby steps that will get you further than one giant leap ever will.

Can you believe that I still have fear from time to time?

But I get busy because there is nothing that can stop me from living out my dreams.

You need to stop focusing on it.

You need to stop thinking about it.

You just need to go out and do it.

I realize you’re in a state of fear.

You’ve had time to let it stop you.

You are aware of it. You don’t like it.

The only way to break away is to get busy.

Start working. Start getting paid.

Start to see how much you are worth to everyone inside of the industry.

Then the fear will simply disappear.

You’ll still get nervous but that’s just because you’re reaching beyond your comfort zone.

Did you realize the kind of connections you can make on set?

I’ve seen it happen that someone meets a director on set who gets asked to audition for a role.

They just side stepped an agent and casting director!

They already have an “edge” because they know the director.

The director also likes them so they instantly have a leg up against everyone else.

Would you let fear stop you from going to that audition?

What should you do?

You should get busy!

You’ll feel nervous, but that’s because you’re excited for the opportunity.

Do you know how many times I have screwed up and still been given more opportunities?

When you know the right people, the opportunities are endless.

Who cares if you bomb that audition?

You have a working relationship with the people that count.

You just need to go through these experiences.

You want to get a lot of different experiences.

The busier you are,

the quicker the fear will disappear.

It’s almost instantaneous.

What’s going to be your story?

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