Finding Success in the Film Industry

Pursuing your dreams to work in the Film Industry can often seem like a maze that doesn’t have a clear entry or exit. Life before Friends In Film is different for everyone. Even finding a network of support, or an understanding of what it takes to build a high-paying career in the Film Industry often appears to be an uphill battle. But, the good news is – there’s plenty of people who are or were in the same spot!

Crystal, who resides in Texas, began Friends In Film from the recommendation of a professor while obtaining an undergraduate degree in film and graphic design. After college, she spent years on small independent film projects with little to no-pay, but couldn’t understand why it seemed so difficult to break into paid professional work or gain the attention of a director from Los Angeles, or at the minimum, at least something IMDB worthy.

As time went on, she found herself working retail at Costco and unfulfilled in her life. She decided it was time to shift her perception, mindset, and career goals and become a film producer. She restarted the program, and let’s say the result has been incredible!

Crystal currently works full-time in the Film Industry in Texas on various projects, whether it is scripted tv, commercials, or reality shows! She’s had the opportunity to work in positions such as Producers Assitant, Director Assistant, even right now as most of America’s workforce is at a standstill she continues to be in-demand working remotely researching period-correctness for an upcoming feature film!

She credits restarting the program as to why she was able to quickly build a network and understand how to navigate through the Industry and began getting paid to do something she loves.

Crystal shares her career goals continue to change as she advances in the Film Industry, possibly moving into the financial planning/management aspect of film such as a Line Producer.

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