COVID-19’s Effect on the Film Industry & When are Jobs Coming Back?

Do you feel like just when you were getting things going for your film career, the coronavirus hit and now you’ve got nothing?

Obviously, this pandemic has caused substantial in income loss to the film industry, just like any other business around the world.

All of the productions around the world are in a pause mode until they can all safely start shooting again, there are some productions that have already started up because the fact is:

Production cannot stop for long.

Let’s think about a simple question. “When is it the best time to start anything and get ahead quickly?”

When everything and everyone else is at a standstill!

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Life is uncertain. You know that. You could ask yourself if it’s a good time to get into the film industry because it’s winter and it’s cold, or it’s summer and it’s hot. Perhaps you’d make the question personal and wait until you have enough money.

For example, stocks around the world have plummeted. What does that mean to some people? Sheer terror and nervousness. For others… EXCITEMENT. It’s time to buy!!

Instead of asking if it’s a good time to get into the film industry, think about the extra time to explore ways into the business. The shutdown won’t be forever!

Film shoots must happen! All of the streaming media out there is a hungry beast, and they need new content!

The new content is already slated to be shot, the crews are selected, the directors and producers are ready to go, and it’s all just waiting in the wings so that we can all start shooting again.

When production resumes, and production will resume, film crews will hire legions of production assistants, since they will be behind on their projects. When there is demand, and all of the regular people are already booked, that’s when they start calling around and looking for new people!

Film crews will be working tirelessly to catch up on their productions. You can be a part of the avalanche of film work coming soon! It will be absolutely crazy, all of the productions will start shooting at the same time.

That means it is going to be a very good opportunity for you!

This is probably be the best time to get amped up for the boom in the film industry that’s about to come!

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