What makes a good acting reel? Examples, monologue and demos

What clips belong in your demo reel? Here are some tips for aspiring actors! Of course, quality over quantity is the theme of today. You may be inclined to fill your reel with as many clips as possible to show that you have experience, but this will work against you. You don’t want your reel to be too long. Don’t dilute the best image of yourself with average clips. Use your best performances to show the strongest image of yourself as possible. On top of that, casting directors, like everyone in the film industry, are juggling a lot. They don’t have time to watch a five minute video looking for the clips they really want to see. Around one minute is best with three or four clips. They want to…

Effortlessly Get Work on a Filmset

Tamara was hired as an extra for $600 to walk in the background of a commercial. To get the job, all she did was make another connection like she’d done a million times before, chat with them a bit on a shoot, and shortly after had an opportunity for a fun, easy job with great pay dropped at her feet. The same thing will be happening to you, too, with just a bit of effort on your part. We know that success in the entertainment industry is all about making connections, so how exactly is that done? Well, there’s quite a bit to it, but the basis of it is this: become magnetic. Be thoughtful and giving, put everything you have into each job and people will love you for…

Finding Success in the Film Industry

Pursuing your dreams to work in the Film Industry can often seem like a maze that doesn’t have a clear entry or exit. Life before Friends In Film is different for everyone. Even finding a network of support, or an understanding of what it takes to build a high-paying career in the Film Industry often appears to be an uphill battle. But, the good news is – there’s plenty of people who are or were in the same spot! Crystal, who resides in Texas, began Friends In Film from the recommendation of a professor while obtaining an undergraduate degree in film and graphic design. After college, she spent years on small independent film projects with little to no-pay, but couldn’t understand why it seemed so difficult to break into paid…

how do you start as an actor with no experience

What if you have no experience as an actor? What do you do? Do you start taking acting class, or find an acting group? Both are good! You just need to start exercising those acting muscles! One mistake I see, is actors waiting until they are good to get involved in the film industry. If you do that, you could end up waiting a very long time, and miss out on roles that would have been perfect for you! There are many nice people in the film industry that you’ll meet when you get involved. And you can make relationships with them and have them know you as an actor. Many people take years to get going as an actor, because they have day jobs outside the business and they…

5 o’clock fries

So, when you work at McDonalds, you work in the City of Industry. That’s about 1 hour east from LA. They have a McDonalds that looks like a real McDonalds, but the whole thing is only for shooting commercials. They have an entire working kitchen, rooms for production, and some offices in there. At 5 o’clock, they make everyone french fries. It’s called “5 o’clock fries”. Believe me, I don’t eat french fries. But these french fries are not in that category… because they are fresh oil, fresh potatoes, done perfectly, and they are amazing. So, yes, we all eat them as we work and it’s so fun! Watch the video!

Get an acting gig immediately!

Tony gets an acting gig right off the bat! Is it crazy to imagine working on a set, being paid to be there, being put in the movie, hanging out with celebrities at night and joking around on set all day?   Might I add, getting an acting credit in a professional feature film?  And you didn’t even ask for it? Yes, Tony is an actor.   He had an agent.  He was tired of his acting career consisting of a few auditions a month, and no way to make relationships.   He had been doing it the traditional way, for 2 years…and it was way to sloooooowwww.    Then, he found Friends in Film. He shares his story below.   If you want this, you can do this too….

Attractive enough to be in film?

Am I attractive enough to be an actor? Janet here. This post is from our mentorship class, and it’s so good, I wanted to post it here for you. Jenny writes: “I fear that I will not be hired as an actor, due to a fear of not being attractive enough for what the industry seems to want.” Friends in film mentor Andrew Carlson responds: Andrew writes:    I was just at a FOX event called Ladies’ Night Out where it was a panel of Fox powerful female actors/producers/directors/creators and they focused on a bunch of these topics. The one thing that stuck out to me the most was that Hollywood executives don’t just hang out in their office thinking about the “type” of person they want. They leave that…

What Do Agents Think about Acting and PA-ing at the Same Time?

Are you concerned what your acting agent will think of you working on set as a PA? It can work really well! : – ) Tamara tells us how she keeps her agent happy while still working on set as a production assistant and wardrobe supervisor. If you’re an actor, you’ll love this video! Go watch it now! And for even more insight you can read our post on the Catch-22 right here, this is the insight you have been looking for all over the Internet but not been able to find!

Are you doing something that worries casting?

If you have a theater background and are having trouble landing roles in film, you might want to remind yourself of the differences between acting on stage and acting in front of the camera. A-list Mentor Tamara started in theater, but has since transitioned into film acting as well as wardrobe and science communication (a form of acting). She used FIF to get connected in Los Angeles, become SAG, and get principal roles all in one year. The way actors emote on stage is a lot different than in front of a camera. On stage there’s a lot of distance between the actors and the audience, making their bodies the main tool they use to communicate what the character is feeling. If you want to act in film, your face and…

Is it possible to work in the film industry even if you have no experience?

Jake went from working at a call center to working on movies in Los Angeles! Watch Jake talk about how he went to NYC to break into acting, didn’t have the success he was looking for…then found Friends in Film. He start getting experience in Maine (of all places), saved up $5000 and moved to LA. He NOW works in LA on movies and music videos with celebrities like Grimes and is making a great living doing what he loves!