Get an acting gig immediately!

Tony gets an acting gig right off the bat!

Is it crazy to imagine working on a set, being paid to be there, being put in the movie, hanging out with celebrities at night and joking around on set all day?   Might I add, getting an acting credit in a professional feature film?  And you didn’t even ask for it?

Yes, Tony is an actor.   He had an agent.  He was tired of his acting career consisting of a few auditions a month, and no way to make relationships.   He had been doing it the traditional way, for 2 years…and it was way to sloooooowwww.    Then, he found Friends in Film.

He shares his story below.


If you want this, you can do this too.

You can clearly see how the Friends in Film method works.

So, if you want to move forward for real, jump on this now and find a way to make it happen.

You simply have to become a person that makes things happen, some way or another.   Somehow.  What you will learn by making it happen, will help you make it happen again and again.

Do you need to find the money?

Why don’t you look around talk to everybody you can and see if there’s anyway that you can make some money this month, cleaning houses, mowing some yards, helping people arrange photos on the computers, just let the ideas flow.

Ask everybody you know, “Is there some work I can do for you?”    At first they may say “No” but then they will think about it and say, “Oh well actually it would be great if you could blah blah blah.”

If you’ve gotten used to not making much money, well, then you’ve got to get out of that cycle, so you can invest in yourself and start a practice of moving forward.

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