Are you doing something that worries casting?

If you have a theater background and are having trouble landing roles in film, you might want to remind yourself of the differences between acting on stage and acting in front of the camera.

A-list Mentor Tamara started in theater, but has since transitioned into film acting as well as wardrobe and science communication (a form of acting). She used FIF to get connected in Los Angeles, become SAG, and get principal roles all in one year.

The way actors emote on stage is a lot different than in front of a camera. On stage there’s a lot of distance between the actors and the audience, making their bodies the main tool they use to communicate what the character is feeling. If you want to act in film, your face and tone are going to be the more dominant way viewers understand the emotions of a character.

Take note of what Tamara says regarding how you can communicate with casting directors regarding your reel and experience, and make sure your reel shows that you can do more than one emotion.

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