Posts from Into the Industry mentorship program

Briana C.

This past Saturday I wrapped my first big production PA job for a reality show on FOX network. This experience has been so GREAT! I have learned so much, made valuable connections, and have grown as a professional and as a person.

Brittany M.L.

I got to work with Ricky Martin, German singer Helene Fischer, and conductor/singer Placido Domingo. It was a priceless experience! I was able to make some connections!


Brittany M.L.

I’ve been traveling all over Florida for the experience and I’m so happy and grateful that I’m able to do so!

I’ve been actively reading posts on here, and I can’t believe how well we all are doing! I should believe it, but it still blows my mind.

Next week I have a music video I’ll be PAing on and then two days later another shoot for one day.

I seem to keep getting a lot of one day bookings, which is fine because I’m getting tons of experience with different people! Love you all!

Emily H.

On set today for a commercial! Making up dirty soldiers. It’s for a video game woo hoo!! Got this job through a contact I spoke to for only 30 seconds. The location has been in the Hunger Games and Fast and Furious too! A run down factory. Soooooo cool and creepy, just like me ; )


Alex G.

Thank the universe for this group : ) It has helped me become the person I am now and the person I’m still becoming – what you’re learning will become second nature and propel you forward, ugh I could go on all day

Briana C.

Hey Janet!

I have to tell you how AMAZING this training is! This training helped me get through my 9 day PA job for a reality shoot I just wrapped. I posted a little bit about it in Yammer, but I really wanted you to know how much of a lifesaver this training was/is for me. There were a couple days that I did go into my lower self and it felt like I wasn’t doing anything right and everyone hated me. When I finally took deep breaths and told myself it was only my “chatter box” I began to calm down. After a few minutes of asking myself empowering questions I was so liberated and positive and that also reflected on how I came across to people too.

Thank you for teaching me these lessons Janet! I reflect back 3 months ago when I joined the program to now and I have grown SO much since then!

Thanks again!

Aj G.

The day I met my mentor for the first time. The same woman who is responsible for my meteoric success til this day. I love you Janet!!!


I’ve never met someone who FOR YEARS AND YEARS consistently keeps in touch and LOVES people. When I first met him I thought he had to be faking it, but no. It’s him.

Aj G.

Janet you will forever and always be in my heart and thoughts. You pulled me from a very dark place when I met you. I had no other way to go and you opened your heart and saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself at the time. A very busy and bright future.

Then you literally devoted your time and endless energy helping me step into that future. And now im living it every day of my happy life.

Our bond is indelible and I wouldn’t trade that for nothing in the world. Amazing souls like you are rare. I’m just beyond grateful we found each other. Only thing that isn’t so amazing is the fact that now I’m so in demand and living this high life I’ve created, I never get to see or talk to the people I love and care about as often as I’d like. I’m too busy saving the world.

Melissa L.M.

Working with Eric Roberts all weekend this weekend. Grew up watching him I totally remember him : ) And he was super fun and cool. He allowed us to get our own pictures with him lol

Brittany M.L.

Had my first paid gig on Friday as a PA. I was asked back on Saturday, which felt great because a lot of others didn’t get asked back! And then got booked on another PA gig last minute on Sunday! Long weekend, but I felt proud of myself! Thanks Janet and FIF members for your help and motivational stories!

Friends in Film

Just took this shot on set! (I’m not giving anything away). You have to be careful not to reveal anything about what we are shooting these days!


Melissa L.M.

Went to the interview in LA today and got the job! So far six days booked…my boss asked about it when I got back, totally supportive and I told him all my vacation and sick days are going to Production work. He was extremely supportive…so I think I got this thing.

Alicia P.

Hi Everyone! I’ve made it to day 10 of my 20 day shoot as a 2nd AC and I am having a blast! My first day on set I made sure to introduce myself to everyone I could, and since I was the newby I had to make a great first impression. As you may recall I was referred to this job by a DP I worked with for only 3 hours. When I introduced myself to people they knew who I was and would comment on how this DP had spoken so highly of me.

The crew automatically felt like family to me. I’ve made friends with almost everyone in every department (sound, grip, electric, crafty, catering, PAs, DIT, producers, etc.). We have a crew of 70 on set everyday. We all joke with each other and have fun while still doing our jobs to the best of our abilities. I thanked the DP that referred me for giving me this great opportunity, to which he responded that he thought I had a great work ethic and was glad I was available for the shoot.

By the end of the first week one of the 1st ACs was pulling me aside to tell me how well I was doing and said I could have a real career in the camera department (she knows I want to act) and even gave me a little sales pitch lol since there are very few women in camera and it’s the department that is paid the highest. Everyone thanked me for a great week before the weekend and I was on the call sheet for the next week (which some people were not).

This second week started off great but the weather almost took us out Thursday and Friday. I had multiple people come up to me and compliment my work…some are even surprised that this is my first big shoot as crew. I’ve thanked everyone for their kind words and told them that I hope I will get to work on future projects as well, to which most have said they would most certainly recommend me on their future jobs.

I hate to say all this as it feels like I’m bragging but this has been so great and a total blessing. The job is a lot of hard work, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned A LOT! Camera is constantly on the move with very little down time, which I love! Sometimes after a 12-13 hour day I’m still so wired it takes me a few hours to fall asleep. I’ve never worked so hard and had such a great time doing it. Then I got my check and said “wow I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this totally awesome job!”

I’ve been so busy with this job and everything that I haven’t been able to catch up on my modules or be on the calls for very long. I’ve only finished up to module 4! Which goes to show how far a great attitude and work ethic can carry you in such a short period of time. Hopefully I can keep this momentum up and book more gigs!

Here are some pictures of me on set and bts of a shot we did today where we rigged our movie camera onto a jig and track. Oh and a picture of some of the gear I’m in charge of.

Leaf B.

Just got off my first professional shoot today and it was amazing! we were shooting a commercial and they didn’t have it in the budget for a PA so I volunteered and by the end of the shoot the gaffer was trusting me to Gaff (is that the word?) in his place while he took a break, the director wanted me on camera (and when he found out I didn’t know how to work that particular model he decided he was going to teach me) and the producer was booking me for more shoots! They had one thursday and were about to call their regular guy when they said, “actually, Leaf, are you free?” I wasn’t but the director said that it must be a testament to how well I was doing that they wanted to use me over their regular guy.

The thing was, I walked on that set with very little technical knowledge. I knew my way around and what some of the equipment was called, but little experience. What impressed them was how I asked questions, admitted when I didn’t know something and most importantly, I had my notebook and wrote down everything they were telling me. The gaffer took me under his wing and taught me all sorts of tricks like the best way to coil cord and a new knot, and how to properly carry a C stand and instead of just showing me he’d pause, undo what he’d just done and let me practice.

All because he could see that I was serious about learning and doing my best! Listen to Janet’s teaching guys, because making it is not always about what you know how to do, but how you behave and what kind of mindset you bring to the table. It all went almost to the letter exactly how she said it would.

Amy G.

Hey guys!

I was at a meeting with a local production company, Soft Cage Films, and they offered me a paid position as the UPM on their next feature!!! I’M going to be HIRING PA’s! How cool? : ) They are even going to let me negotiate either a day rate or salary (whoa!) The budget for the film is $100,000. I’m wondering how much I should ask for?

I PA’d on a web series last month and the UPM on that has her own production company. She will be AD on the feature and since she loved working with me before she brought me on to their project.

I am so excited! I am also nervous! This means I have to start getting on sets and learning from some amazing UPM’s. : ) that way I know I’ll be ready by the time we shoot to rock it : ) I’ve already started research into an the duties I’ll be responsible for. Any tips on what makes for an AMAZING UPM?

Thanks guys! Hope this finds you well.

David B.

I think one of the biggest things I have to say about this program is that it gives people a way to break into the film industry without going to film school. And from experience it gives a more indepth look into the workings of a film set than most film schools could.

From my experience at film school, you get to learn how to light a scene, write scripts, realize who does what on a film set but they never once taught about how to start looking for a job, make connections, or gave us an inside look on how the industry works outside of a school.

So I think that has been one of the biggest impacts on me from this program is that you get the chance and experience to make it on a professional film set which is something that my school never spent any time talking about.

Rachel L.

THIS WEEK I was able to quit my survival job because I have this new gig with A&E, I’m doing a professional theatre show, and after the holidays I have the guys from the local studio wanting me to work with them.

I cannot thank you enough for having this program, Janet! You have given me the tools and the confidence to say “I can, and I will!” College was valuable to me as an artist, but this program has made me a WORKING artist! The mystery is gone, the fear is gone, and there’s nowhere to go but up!

Kira Z.

Hey here is a little motivation for you actors! Jhoni did FIF. We talk from time to time and she gives me motivation! Here is a picture of her in the HBO movie Bessie with Queen Latifah and she had a speaking role!! Greatness is in everyone of us! If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand (Steve Harvey)


Isabel C.

So I’m halfway through module 6 and I’ve been noticing something. They really don’t teach any of this in school. I went to college and one of my majors was film/tv. I was always surprised when I knew stuff about the unions and set lingo, but non of my peers had heard of it.

Most of the stuff I’ve learned, I’ve picked up on set or here in FIF. It really shows you that FIF is one of the few places you are getting the useful information. I can analyze film and deconstruct scripts, but that is not helping me find work on set. Using the FIF methods is what is getting me closer and closer to making a living doing what I love.

Kira Z.

Every time I get on a set and someone tells me I did a good job. In my head I always say Thank you JANETTTT!!

Kira Z.

Hey Batcave! I booked a gig for today for the Food Network for $150! The line producer I worked with on this TV show called Tanked recommended me! I had a great time and everybody was really nice and funny. The crazy thing was they asked me to be one of the taste testers and I had to do an interview!! Luckily I wasn’t nervous because I had done my talk to camera videos in the beginning modules. Here is a pick of a Bloody Mary we got a chance to sample!


Rachel L.

I got some pretty exciting news! I’ve been hired as a PA for the A&E show filming here!!! Woohoo! Playin with the big(ger) boys now!

Tandace N.

So I’ve got exciting news! I’ve landed my first steady PA gig. I’ll be working on Showtimes new show ‘Billions’ for the rest of the season (through December). I’ve been day playing on a variety of shows and working consistently for the past couple of weeks.

I’ve really been wanting to get into television and working on union projects is such a different experience from my low budget background but I’m absolutely loving it.

Alex G.

I greeted the receptionist then waited a bit on the sofa. Brian the PM comes over and we shake hands and introduce each other and he says “You can leave your stuff there and follow me, I’m gonna give you a tour of the place.”

I was like “OK!” – I did NOT expect a tour haha I just went with it. He walks me right to where they were in the middle of shooting an Olive Garden spot.

At the end of the tour he said he has a shoot at the end of the month that he wants me to come in for to do like a trial for I guess to see if it’s a good match? Anyway, I said “Great! I did recently book a feature til Nov 3rd” and then he said no problem – to just send him a message after that’s over to let him know!

Looks like I have something to look forward to in NOV! I don’t know where this kind of work will lead BUT they are a parent company to the bi-coastal feature film company which is live action and I would love to eventually work on those projects too! Plus I get to work on big food brand commercials and make $200 a day!

Alex G.

I just realized that I will be paying off this 8 month program on this 3 week feature this month.

That’s something to be proud of!!

I landed an upcoming job that is ONLY 3 weeks long and that alone was enough to cover the cost of the program!

Just to show everyone that they can land a 3 week gig and pay all of this off if they have any doubts ; )

Tandace N.

There’s so much work in NYC right now it’s amazing. I’m on my third TV show this week, I’m booked tomorrow and so far for two days next week. It’s getting to a point where I may need to actually quit my day job.

Also I’m really finding out how small of a world the TV industry is here. I keep seeing repeat faces all over the place and it feels really great when they remember my name.

Jake T.

An email I just sent to Janet Urban about the video I posted! Hope you’re all having a great week!

Sure thing. : ) Also I just booked a three day music video shoot as Art PA in San Luis Obispo, $200/day, starting today! From a PD I worked with, when I was 2nd AD on a shoot last month.

Things are starting to turn and I’m getting excited!!!

Thanks Janet!! I’ll have to do a part two on how they start working, so people can see how the network grows. It’s kind of like a garden, and the business cards are seeds.

Anyway, getting ready to go on some runs! We should talk about a Santa Barbara trip sometime soon too : )

Alex G.

OMG. Feeling blessed. Everything is just aligning. Just had a really positive exchange with a Prod Sup from Radical Media in NY. Will share her response. And Monday I’m getting paid as a Casting Assistant. $150. Tuesday got BOOKED for a Google print job. $400 rate. I just keep pushing forward.

Christian S.

Was recommended to a producer for a shoot and this is it!!! Then at the end I found out I am getting paid for the work I did. He gave me a high five told me i was awesome, thanked the girl who recommended me, and told me he was going to put me on the top of his list for more shoots! FEELING AMAZING : D

Alex G.

I honestly can’t believe it. I always heard of people doing internships and blah blah blah and here I am one day just asked to help, did one day of training, now offered a casting assistant rate. I can call myself that now. And I solidified a relationship with a CD in NY in A DAY. It’s quick.

I wish I had known sooner. I wish I had this training sooner. So happy to have this state of mind now. Most people don’t find or go for or get this opportunity. Ur right, it takes a person who thinks and works outside the box. I know that my relationship with her is powerful and will lead to other amazing opportunities in the future.


Happy Monday FIF Peeps!

I felt compelled to post this music video I did a couple weeks ago with CeeLo Green. It was a great reminder of how working in this business allows us to get a front row seat to unique cultures, people and locations. And the fact that we get paid big bucks to do it is absolutely insane!!

This particular shoot centered around some of the traditions that New Orleans holds dear to them. It was eye opening and beautiful. There were no actors, all real people, all real events that happen in Nola regularly. They were wonderfully creative, generous, hard working and talented. I learned a ton and the best part was making new friends inside and outside of the business.

I guess I just wanted to say that this is such an incredible industry we’re in and there are many many many new and exciting experiences headed your way!! Happy to see us all going full steam ahead!! : )

Chad C.

There’s so much content in your program Janet, I truly believe that your work is Amazing and that it will impact the industry forever. Perhaps like Vince Lombardy to the NFL, or Bill Rustle to the NBA, your students will go forth and inspire future generations.

Wow! …what a legacy you’re creating here : ) …until Sunday, Fight On!!!

Isabel C.

Not two minutes after I sent the email:

Here is the response:

“Thanks Isabel – I will have them add you to their PA list. Thanks again!”


Seriously if this isn’t proof that Janet is and FIF is just awesome, I don’t know what is!!

Tamara R.

Hey team!

I reached out to some people this week, like Janet teaches us to do. One of the people I reached out to, referred me to the DIRECTOR of a new PILOT she is working on.

I sent my info to the Director and she was so excited about my “Want to work email” (another amazing Janet Urban -ism) that she “had to talk to the girl behind the spirited email”. She offered me the position immediately.

When we began to talk through scheduling, I let her know about some upcoming acting jobs I had and she got even more excited and offered me (in addition to the PA role) a day player ACTING ROLE WITH LINES (and potential to reoccur in the series if it goes past pilot phase)!!

In the end the lesson is that it’s not just about having a network but the quality of those relationships and continued communication : D

Friendships are like flowers — if you nurture and water them often they will bloom beautifully :D

Daniel J.K.

Next week I’m going to be working as a casting assistant for a commercial production team that has worked with Reebok, Coke, and they’ve done cool music videos.

I can see this leading to good opportunities if I make a good impression.

Then in early August I’m working as the PA and the Directors personal assistant on a 15 day shoot for a really good rom com. I read the script and chatted with the director and I was really impressed with him and the story.

Friends in Film

Big ass camera on a condor. For a very high in the sky shot!


Stacia T.

This is just my happy rant for today. I cannot express how glad I am that I decided to do Friends in Film. I know a lot of people who graduated this past year with a major in communications or a similar field in hopes of producing and are jobless, and have never been on a set of any kind. This is crazy! The get on shoots method is brilliant!

Kate V.

SO I already love this New Year!! I started my day by going to an interview for a PA job on a web series and a Feature!!! Not only did I get the job, but the Casting Director wants me to act in both!! We ended up talking for 4 hours!!!! I remembered everything you taught me about being enthused and having energy and when I started talking I just had this burst of energy because I was eager to just help out, which she even commented on! I cannot wait to start!! Thank you Janet for all the tips and advice!!!


Guess who just got her first PA job… That’s right this girl right here. I’, SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

Kemisha B.

Working in casting today. I’m not in the room to watch the auditions, but I am in charge or organizing the actors, getting them their sides and sign in, etc. Still learning and that’s what it’s all about.

Kate V.

I know this is long overdue, but yes, I was offered a role in the web-series we’re doing and while on set the director loved my input so much that he asked if I would be the Assistant Director for the Feature Film they’re shooting in April!! And it’s Paid!!

So, while doing that, I decided to answer a few more castings, and I was booked for a paid hair model. Also, when I met the DP for the Feature, he wants to collaborate with me on a photo shoot he’s creating! Everything is happening so fast, but I want more!!! It’s an adrenaline rush!

Tamara R.

Hello Batcave – It has been a super crazy week already!!

I started off having a skype interview for a commercial acting part (it’s down to me and one other person), then Monday spent the day on a feature film as a featured extra then that evening headed to be in a sizzle reel for a new reality series coming out.

Tuesday I headed back to set for the feature film (to mainly hide since I was featured day before in the same “set day”). When I got home I had four requests for interviews for PA roles in upcoming films and series and two requests for acting roles : D. Only bad thing is they needed me to interview while I was booked to be onset acting so we are rescheduling and skyping them as we can.

Then to top it off (super excited) I got sent an I-9 to fill out for the 3 days I was onset with M3 as a wardrobe assistant and extra which I totally thought I was doing for free!!! They said I worked way too hard to not get paid and had reconsidered my rate and are sending me a check!?!?! Such a blessing :D

I can not wait to see what this year had in store because this past two weeks had been bananas!!!!

Xavier L.

Janet Urban thank you, thank you!!! Just wanted to thank you cuz I re-watched some vids that helped get me on this shoot!

Danielle A.

I feel on fire this week! Today is my day off and I am sick, but I am happy because I was already all set up to be a boom operator in late Feb. however I just got an email asking me to be a PA for the shoot as well. I’ll have to clarify with her because at another point she said I was the assistant producer. I already started making calls and I’ll be talking with her later tonight about my tasks, but I am excited!!!!

Erin S.

The snow storm brought with it a little magic yesterday, I booked three jobs in one day! One acting gig, one paid assistant director gig on a short film and a PA job! It’s going to be a busy month! Thanks everyone for their encouragement, keep pounding the pavement this is proof it will pay off!

Thank you Janet for giving me the tools and power to build my ninja list!

Friends in Film

Shoot with basketball player by the initials of L.J. Biltmore Hotel downtown LA! Can u guess who?


April W.

We film tomorrow all day and man, if I’m having a blast doing all the behind the scenes extras casting from my home and coffee shoppes, I’m hella excited for tomorrow in Florence, AZ!

Tamara R.

Janet – I again want to say a major thanks because before this class I would go to these free extra roles and just sit and wish I would be able to do more but sit bored on my phone with no clue how to gain more. This class has taught me who to approach, how to engage with them, and it’s given me the courage to go for it!! Thanks for all the amazing tools :D

April W.

Guys & Gals- Janet is SO right about getting your Passport as soon as you can. They are expensive and I don’t know how long it takes to get one, but here is a post from a production I’m working on in Phoenix, AZ. I need to get one ASAP.

Rachel L.

Just booked the lead role on a web series shooting here in town! Got it through a connection I made while working on set :)

Kemisha B.

Got back to NYC at 3am this morning. It was such a fun shoot. Made so many new friends, I didn’t want it to end. I’ll post my observations later, but wanted to show you guys this… First paycheck :) kemisha_im

Tamara R.

I had an awesome time Wednesday evening shooting for my role in a pilot series : D Best part was I pulled in a ton of the PA’s I’ve worked with in the past into speaking / acting roles!! Check out my Wrap Video thoughts :D

Erin S.

Hello Bat Cave! I’m so sad I have not been able to make the past few calls but it’s for good reason! Last weekend I worked on a Web series pilot called The Dismantled, I was immediately promoted to prop master within the first hour on set because I was working with the production manager and he noticed my go getter attitude right off the bat (I was also early and the first PA to show up for the day) while on set I continued to impress the crew and by day 3 they gave me a small role and wrote in 2 lines just for me!

It was such a wonderful experience. I made great friends and connections and I continue to get great feedback from them like “it was a pleasure to work with someone who knows how to work” and that they will be contacting me for their future projects!

The day after working on the pilot I began as the assistant director on a feature indie film! I will be working on it for the next few weeks and I’ll continue to update!

April W.

Today I was called in last minute to run auditions for a medium budget feature film with 2-3 famous faces. On the spot, he hired me to be Head Production Coordinator. I will be managing 5 Production Assistants when we start filming in late March/early April. I will be paid too.


Awesome!! Feels so good. Progress = happiness.

Tamara R.

Janet sent us an awesome email and video link this morning that made me truly think and she asked me to share my response here with the group:

Janet – Your story and the story of so many other celebrities that have struggled but made it in is just truly inspiring. : ) It makes me realize that it really is all about getting out there and putting in the hours and making the relationships. I see so many people on set who look at it as a job and are so unhappy and they wonder why they’re not making it further than they are and to me with the knowledge you’ve given us it is obvious why — they’re not looking at it like a gift and a place to learn and help others and they’re missing out on the ability to grow both in their career and as people.

Finding your course and becoming part of FIF has been such a blessing and I just want to thank you again and again for all that you’re doing and all that you’ve done!! Thank you!! Tamara

Kate V.

I just received this from the director and thought I’d share : ) I’m on Cloud 9!

“I was truly honored to have you in the production. You were awesome! Eventually you may learn that I don’t pass out praise lightly but you earned every bit of it and more. You took what I thought was a fun script and made it spectacular. My crew commented that you were funny on every take, even though they knew the lines. That shows real talent! I hope you remember me when you’re a superstar.”

“If I can ever provide a reference, feel free to use me. You shall always get my highest recommendation. Some actresses you struggle with. You were a pure pleasure from beginning to end. Seriously, some ladies have potential but you truly have superstar potential. If anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise, don’t believe them. I really see you destined for something big.

Kristen H.

Hey BAT CAVE! It’s been a minute since I been here but I’m back and I’m going full force. I was feeling a little anxious because I saw a post for a paid production looking for crew. I got excited because it was the first posting that I saw in my area that had everything that Janet says will be on professional industry shoots. But they need someone with experience.

I told Janet I NEED TO BE ON THE SHOOT! She asked me if I had been doing the get on shoots method? I had not been doing it because of legitimate distractions but because of them I wasn’t getting the experience that the shoot I wanted to be on required. She encouraged me to do so and that will help me get the experience I need and more importantly than sending my resume to the shoot I wanted to be on, I would most likely get referred.

So I sent out 3 want to work emails from the get on shoots method. THEY ALL EMAILED ME BACK RIGHT AWAY. All of them made great comments about the email. They said it really peaked their interest, they need someone that knows the area and one said that I do a little bit of everything and that’s exactly what they need. I told him I do and what I don’t do yet I’m willing to learn. That impressed him even more. Now I’m just waiting for them all to give me the schedule and times.

But they are just as excited to work with me as I am to work. And I’m not worried because they also know that they know I’m learning and building experience.

I’m so excited, I’m getting experience in casting and holding auditions, wardrobe, publicist, finding locations for shoots, boom mic operators and being on set doing other production assistant jobs. I’m so excited I can’t wait.

So I hope this encourages someone to keep going with this program because what is being said here is tried and true. I also went to a workshop a few months ago with directors and casting directors and asked them what they thought I should do to learn the film business and they said be a Production Assistant, work hard and you’ll get referred to other jobs and build a reputation and you’ll get paid for it.

Janet is showing us exactly how to do that!


Just finished having coffee with a friend of mine I work with all the time and have to share with you guys this insane story he told me! He said he just got back from a commercial shoot (he’s a 1st AD) that he was doing in Vegas where one of the principal talent didn’t show up to set the first day! He was a local actor and this was a big budget commercial! Just didn’t show up and they couldn’t get a hold of him!!

WOW!!! Anyway, everyone waited for a bit and then the Director decided they were going to have to find someone to replace this guy. So they asked one of the extras if he was good at remembering lines because this was a speaking role. The extra told them yes and bam they put him in!

Just like that the guy went from making $150 as an extra to $1000 as a principal with lines!!! It happens!!! Crazy!!!!

Susanna M.

Hey everyone! I got my first paid gig!! We are doing a commercial tomorrow.

The best producer I worked with on the feature film last week referred me to them!!! Also the best producer paid me for working so hard on the feature film even though I was there as a volunteer, she appreciated my work. I am so excited and ready to work!

Chanukah C.

I woke up to an e-mail yesterday for a rush call to be a PA for this R&B artist’s new music video. (Marcus Canty, 4th place in X- factor now signed to Epic records). I get there and it was a blast!! They said I was the best PA they’ve had.

I had great time for my first PA gig!! All in all getting 3 gigs in 1-2 days because I applied your techniques and just went for it!! I’ll post pictures when I come back :-)

Chanukah C.

Thank you! I’m going to check it out as soon as I get home. I also just got another PA gig this evening and this time this one is paid. 2 gigs in one day! I’ll have that experience list in no time and soon I’ll be on big budget sets.


It’s been crazy busy here! Worked on a huge Metlife job for 12 days as a PA. Then went from that into my first Production Coordinating job and got 12 days out of that as well. Worked 3 days the next week and 2 days this past week. But days when I’m not on a shoot I’ve been working with my Producer friend, still learning the ropes of her production company.

And in the middle of all that, I had to turn down a week long job for a national McDonald’s spot because I was already booked! I’ve made almost $6000 this month alone! However, I still want more! Isn’t that crazy??

Andrew C.

So much of my success has been because of my AMAZING mentor through this amazing program called Friends in Film!!! Janet has been a miracle.

She taught me how to work from the INSIDE of the business to get in front of the camera. Of course, I have switched gears towards producing but I STILL am getting calls about acting gigs! If you want to get in the business. whether it’s as an actor or crew, I would HIGHLY recommend this.

If you have any questions about the program, I’d be happy to answer any of them since I am a founding member! : ) Are you ready to take the next step of success? “People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.” – George Bernard Shaw


I’m officially a Production Coordinator for a Missouri Lottery commercial shooting next week. Feeling on top of the world right now! Thank you FIF and Janet for making this possible!!! When I started this program I couldn’t even tell you what a Production Coordinator did, let alone a PA. Now I’m actually hiring PA’s!

Elias H.

We wrapped our film Barefoot yesterday! I took today to just relax and unwind! We started our last day of filming quite nicely by playing with a Hot Wheels!! Who doesn’t love THAT! Then it turned chaotic! But come lunch time everything settled down again once the Lobster, Steak, and Crab Legs came out!

And now I looking forward to my next job! Which will be with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Monday!


So a PA that I worked with on the Nike shoot just called, he asked if I would take his place on a movie next week. I told him of course. Come to find out it’s the new M. Night Shamalan movie starring Will Smith! Double take high five to myself! Thank you so much Janet!

Elias H.

Wooooo!!! Just got back from dinner with our Director, 1st AD, Producer, Locations Manager, and co. I had the Fresh Mahi Mahi with a Pontchertrain Sauce – $38.99, Caesar Salad – $12.99, and 2 glasses of Red Wine -$15.00. I’m STUFFED!! ANDDDDD we have Cake!!! This is what it’s all about!!! <3 And THAT is the key!! Change the way you see things in life and the things you see in life will change.

Jay C.

Haha well one thing I had to learn from Janet was to lose the “getting away from” energy and focus on going “towards” the opportunities. Made a big difference.

Brooke W.

Woohoo! Was scrolling through Craiglist. Saw that an LA production company posted that they need a PA for a 3 day shoot here in Orlando in August. Sent a nice email out to the producer and my resume attached. Received almost an immediate email saying I got the job! As @Jasmine Delaney would say: BOOM SHOCKALOCKA

Barbara C.

: ) oh how quickly things can change in this business. I just got bumped up to co-producer : )

director: “Barbara thank you for your dedication. I enjoy having you on set, your anticipation is fantastic. Woman, you are a walking miracle, how would you like the title of co-producer? You certainly wore that hat more than any other this weekend “: ) wow! Lol


A new show on TNT was casting for contestants on a new “Amazing Race”-esk show and I applied. Fortunately, the casting director loved me! I had a great shot at being one of the chosen but unfortunately, the HUGE factor caused me to be disqualified (because I wouldn’t be able to get it in time since I don’t already have one) is… I don’t have a valid passport! My advice to you guys: Get a passport now if you don’t already have one!

Kele M.

And I booked another gig- for an expo in New Jersey. Just enough time to go home and have a shower and head off again! Updates soon!!

Tamira W.

Almost showtime everyone! Day 1 on set to do makeup/hair and special effects. I was originally assisting, but there were changes so I’m key the first and third day of a 4 day shoot. It was nice to see my name on the call sheet on how everything Janet taught is unfolding. Thanks Janet!

Next week I will be doing 2 spiritual solo dances at a gospel extravaganza, which you all know how much I love dancing. Good feeling to be in the element of what you love to do. Film, dance, modeling, acting, and creative and performing arts is what I love. Have a great day everyone!

Jhoni D.

So I just got the text that I have been promoted from a driving PA to KEY PA : )… I’M SO EXCITED! and just a little nervous but that cool because it will keep me on my toes lol ……Janet said that I wouldn’t be driving for long and she was right!

Basha E.

I’m having a great and pleasing time looking through the film commission site. It feels beyond great to use my time more efficiently for my dreams. I feel more powerful/insightful with what I’ve learned from you than I have with my degree/receipt. Janet, Thhhaaannkklckkkkksssss so so so So Soooo much for caring and sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I’m so excited about what’s to come!! (in Maury’s voice) “You ARE the BOMB!” : ))))


Oh My gosh that feels so good!!!!! Thank you!

Emily H.

Oh my GOD, it’s been a busy three days. I went to a premiere, where the film I worked on, Grinning Man, (the 48 hour film I did) won Audience Award and best cinematography. We ALMOST won Best Film, but it was out voted by a jury. DANGIT. Next time. Oh, and also, IT WAS SOOOO FREAKIN’ SCARY. I’ll be sure to post it when it is put up to traumatize all you : )

On top of that, I’m almost about to sign a contract for $1000, another person has consulted me for an alien lord makeup (possibly a $600 job) , and have been booked this saturday for a $250 job. Dirty military men woo! This job was actually pretty cool how I got it. I was referenced by a guy I met briefly. He was a PA for a Toys R Us commercial that I happened across (because I like to go to toy stores), and gave him my card. I couldn’t even believe he remembered me!

3 days into November, and I’ve already got the potential to make nearly 2000 dollars!! I’m so busy and I’ve only scratched the surface of where I want to be! So tune in guys.

Jhoni D.

I exchanged numbers with the one of the production assistants on the set that I walked into on my lunch. I was a little afraid but the conversation went really well and thank you so much for the pointers and support…. I just kept replaying the conversation we had about fear and how good you feel when you face it. I’m so proud of myself right now for not letting opportunity just passing by over thinking everything! I’m patting myself on the back! yay me!

Antonio S.

Hey yall thought I’d share this with you fellow actors so you know it happens all the time. My friend’s wife’s brother was working behind the camera, I think as a PA on 21 Jump Street and they were looking for an Asian kid for a role in the movie and they asked him to do it, so if you’ve seen the movie he is the nerdy Asian kid that Channing Tatum hangs out with. The kid worked for 2 months and made $60,000! Just saying.

Antonio S.

Hey all I’ve been on set 12 hour days and haven’t had any time to do anything except work and sleep this last week and a half, learning a ton of stuff, working with some really cool people and really only one ass hole so far lol. enjoying it and went out with few of the crew and David Arquette the other night at casino and then a diner! He was really cool and down to earth and we all had a blast! He paid for everyone’s meal and then two days later we all went to hooters for lunch and David picked up the tab there too!

Andrea B.

Hey guys! So I went to my first event today. I was a little nervous because being in a room full of people you don’t know could be a little intimidating. However, I met a lot of great people who can help further my career. One interesting conversation I had that really stuck with me was with a major producer who has produced many feature films and is always working with A list stars. He told me that the main way to be a part of these types of projects is to know people.

It’s all about who you know. Producers are 100 times more willing to cast someone they know or someone who has been referred through someone they know instead of the thousands of other actors that want to audition for the role. He just made me feel like this program is the thing I need to get those connections. Anyway, just thought I’d share this with you guys. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Suzanne M.

Doing some slating and standing in today! It was a good, easy day. One actress, one location – a small bathroom. Really good small crew- Director, AD, DP, scripty, PA/sound and me! I’m back tomorrow morning, hopefully more rested than I was today! suzanne-pic

Melissa L.M.

Hi Janet! Sooo I went to my shoot Saturday and Sunday it was wonderful! I learned sooo soo much and even got to learn how to set up lights! Man those things get hot! LOL but it was wonderful and even made a few friends along the way…I am beyond motivated and sooo happy I cannot wait for my next one.

Keila R.

I got my FIRST PAID job as a casting assistant this past weekend, and my casting director just got back to me with THIS: “Cyrus would like to hire you to be a production assistant/ assistant coordinator (to me) AND PAY YOU when he comes back to shoot. At the moment he will be arriving Sept 3 and shooting Sept 4 – 10. If he’s smart, he will have a pre-production meeting on the evening of the 3rd, to go over all the logistics and then off to shoot the other days. You are very impressive, young lady!!” Did anyone just fall off their chairs?? Cuz I did.

Jay C.

We were having a pool party pool-party-jay


Looks just like some sets that I’ve been on!!!!!

Christian S.

Woohoo! Me having fun on my last shoot!! Sorry i have not posted, I have been busy working on films!!! It really works!


William K.

My impression of this course so far you ask? Hmmmmm There are many words that can describe how this course has been for me. Helpful, Inspiring, Encouraging, EMPOWERING, UPLIFTING and the list goes on.

Just having these webinars and conversations with you Janet, Bridget, and Andrew. It has really helped me so far, look over that fear that has been holding a facade over my head for the longest time. Before this and ever after my own internship in Los Angeles. I never thought I could ever live out in LA. I could see myself living there. But all of those fears that were just holding me back from thinking that anything there could be possible for me. But this training course, done out of the kindness of your heart.

Even when you are working on multiple film shoots with a very tight schedule as it is. You three make the time to help inspire other aspiring great creative minds looking to break into this crazy yet fun industry which is entertainment. Just the fact that you three do this, means the world to me and I’m sure to everyone else here. I’m blessed to be part of this. All of your information you have provided, helps increase our drive to achieve some form of greatness in this industry we want profess in. It has given me the drive to shoot for my dream of working in Los Angeles and finally start my career in this business. I for one cannot thank you guys enough.

It is a privilege being a part of this and I look forward to the rest of this course. So thank you again and lets keep this crazy train rolling. P.S. This course has been inspiring enough that I took some time to look for apartments in the area and talk to fellow alumni from SIU. And thanks to your help, I could very well be moving to LA soon. And then finally, begin working in the area. So look out LA! This Saluki is coming to LA. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Tamira W.

Hey everyone! Just checking in. Here’s my link for my first IMDb credit for Makeup & Special Fx Makeup I previous did. I’m now officially living my dreams as an Actor for a Webseries I’m currently working on, which is in pre -production, which you will also see IMDb credit. I will also have my SAG card afterwards (hopefully). Just started shooting this past Thursday from 6PM-6AM and today is my last day. Soooo sleepy, but it’s such an amazing feeling living your dreams! I’m still learning how to navigate around the IMDB. Lol! Keep reaching for the stars everyone!


Just deposited a check for $200,000, wrote a check to an Art Director for $5,000 and got $10,000 cash out of the bank. All this is for production purposes, but this is the kind of money that is floating around in the business! You can make SO MUCH MONEY! SO jump in and get a piece of the pie!! Happy Thursday everyone!

Donyell S.

So I had my first PA job on a commercial shoot last Sunday!! It was pretty cool! I learned a lot!!! They said that it was a big help and they’ll call me again because they would rather have a hard working newbie with a good attitude rather than experienced person who sucks!!! Lol! Also out of the 5 people I sent want to work emails to on Wednesday 4 of them got back to me with work! There might be something this FIF way…lol!!! : )

Samantha A.

guys, Guys, GUYS!!! So I went to that film festival yesterday, shmoozed, got amazing compliments, handed out business cards and I got a call a few minutes ago… I BOOKED A COMMERCIAL IN RALEIGH! It’s for a local jewelry artisan and they’re PAYING ME! It’s 50$…but they’re PAYING ME! I am beyond freaking out. I could not have held myself with such confidence and composure without you, Janet Urban. I’M FREAKING OUT WITH EXCITEMENT! The start is strong and all because of Friends in Film.

Melissa L.M.

Hi Janet! Ok so…got my new car and monthly payment that sucks…however I put it aside Sunday and worked that web series shoot 13 hours! It was fun and really cool people. Anyway I met a guy named Ed, he’s a freelancer also just got done with a feature film. He was on this series because the writer is a really good friend of his. At the end of the day he shook my hand and said I was amazing and that I will definitely be hearing from him. Today I got a call for a shoot Wednesday, paid. Just wanted to let you know the updates.

Keila R.

I sent out 4 want to work emails last night, all to paid position posts on FB. Got a call this morning, placing me on hold for later on this month, with more potential days throughout the month. $125/12. Woo-hooooo!!!!!

Jay C.

Hey Janet, wanted to let you know I’ve been jumping on various projects since the weekend before Labor Day and haven’t had a day off since! All paid. So far I’m booked til the 19th, but who knows what other opportunities will arise! Thanks

Jhoni D.

Hey Guys things are going so awesome wanted to share… last week I was promoted to KEY PA and now I’m acting as the unofficial Field Coordinator for the past two days (the one we had left for a different production) hopefully I will be made official tomorrow! So sad the gig is ending but got a bunch of references : )

Antonio S.

Yes! Started getting paid the 3rd day after interning. First 2 days and today the director, Sandy Tung, put me in a scene sitting right next to the lead actor and Sandy was in same scene making his cameo lol so cool!

Jessica M.

Booked and worked my very first EVER on camera principal gig today! So exhilarating, got rave reviews from the crew, and a connection for future work of this kind (educational simulations for medical students) because I stuck around to talk to the production coordinator after we wrapped. YES!!

Nathan J.

I’m also honestly blown away by the level of support that this family exudes. This IS a family. We’re trying to help each other as well as ourselves, and the level of affection given by this family on any given day makes me so very happy and grateful to have been chosen to be part of it.

Melissa L.M.

For those who have a regular job and are wondering how to transition into the industry: I had those same worries though too. I mean if I wasn’t worried about how to make enough to make a living, I was worried about living an hour away from L.A., or when am I going to have time to go on a Film set outside of my regular 9-530 pm job. I entered the mentorship not knowing the answer to any of these questions. I figured well I’ll see how it works out or if it will. I just decided to enter the program and grab up the information and see how it will work for me. I knew that I work hard and I would do everything I possibly could to make it work. I began the program and once I started reaching out to Film sets I found that there’s a LOT that film on the weekends. Tons of them in fact. That worked perfectly with my schedule.

As I continued on to the paid work I found that people understood I hadn’t been able to make the full time transfer yet. But I expressed to them I am available these days and would love to come help. So they would put me on the schedule for the days that I am available. As time went by now all the sets I go on are paid work. I have even come home with checks in the mail from the Production Companies, texts from people I have never met before but I was referred to them by previous people I had worked with, and it is a lot!

What I thought would happen did not happen at all. I thought it wasn’t going to work out. Instead it was going to be too hard to transfer over and I wouldn’t make a living. That wasn’t the truth at all. My boss began supporting my dream career and even he saw that the program was working. I remember sitting with him and he said whatever you found to get into that industry is working and I wish you all the luck and success in your career.

Rachel L.

Loved the call today! Sad I had to leave early. I was on location and got called away to do some actual work! Fun day! Image Today, 18-44-51


Wow! Tell us more Rachel! That is a cool picture!

Rachel L.

Well first of all, I just want to say that the Want to Work email is GOLD! It works pretty much every time. So I send out a few of those every week. I’m thinking about taking the “makeup” category off the list of things I can do because about 80% of the time, they send back some crazy special effects makeup and say CAN YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS????!!? …Well no… I can make a person look like a person, but I can’t make a person look like a friggin’ alien cat demon… But luckily for this shoot they just wanted bruise makeup, which I’m a pro at so then I just hung around and helped out with other things.

They were filming the takeoff and landing of this plane from a car that was speeding along side it. That was crazy to watch! The picture is after they landed and they were shooting some quick lines inside the plane.

Rachel L.

I already have about 4 more shoots lined up between now and the end of May! And once a month I go to a filmmaker meetup here in Louisville, and there’s a lot of projects in the works there as well! So this summer I should hardly have time for my day job haha


Holy cow! Fantastic Rachel! I bet you never thought there was so much you could get involved in!

Rachel L.

I KNOW! And it’s really looking like I’m going to be able to move to Atlanta by the end of this year!

Tamara R.

So I wanted to share an awesome “get on set” story with everyone : D so I used the method to get on a set as a PA back in January and was assigned to wardrobe where I became the assistant to the Wardrobe Coordinator for a 4 day short film. This past month she asked me to join her on a 20 day Feature Film shoot as the Wardrobe Supervisor running the full set. She did the design pre-production then went hands off trusting me with the feature and the A list acting talent : D. It showed that working it on set as a PA could create well paying future jobs and connections.

To add to it — what Janet Urban says about this being a way to potentially get on camera is so true too! Not only did the 2nd AD and 1st AC get to be on set but so did I!! Was super fun though nerve racking because I still had to ensure that everyone’s wardrobe was set and that continuity was intact and the 1st AC who was in my same scene was still needing to slate between shots. Still totally fun and now we all get double credits on a major feature film!! Yay : D. Oh and I connected with an awesome stunt coordinator who is one of the top guys in the industry and got a full 30 min lunch to talk to him about how and where to train to get in and guess what — he’s giving my card to the stunt coordinator for Disney because I’m short enough to double for kids : D.

Sorry this is so long but it has been an amazing first week on set all thanks to the lessons I’ve learned from Friends in Film and Janet Urban !!! Image Today, 10 33 58 PM

Aj G.

HEY THERE MOVERS & SHAKERS!!!!! AJ here stopping by to show some love and share some inspiration. I may be a stranger to some of you but you’re no stranger to me! I’m watching Ya.

This in demand lifestyle Friends in Film helped me create keeps me super busy and on top of my game. I miss being able to engage often. I do want to remind you all that you are so fortunate to have Janet Urban’s guidance along with the other FIF mentors in this kick-ass program.

I started right where you all did. Had no idea how rewarding and fulfilling my new life would be but I am truly thankful I stuck in there and learned everything this program had to teach me while giving it all that I got! Walking by faith and not by sight was extremely scary but I quickly learned that what scares you the most is exactly what you need to dive right into. Don’t let any fears of failure, making mistakes, being embarrassed, or waiting for perfect timing, delay you from becoming the superstars you guys are meant to be!

Literally – I mean that! There are so many film professionals, agents, & production companies out there WAITING for your intelligence, your proactive work ethic, your smiling faces and amazing energetic attitudes.

Give them the best you! Ok, I have a plane to catch and a big check to cash but know that I am cheering for you ALL!!!! See Ya @ the TOP! + the dream is worth the price Image-Today,-5-01-51-AM Image Today, 5 02 31 AM

Jeffrey W..

That’s sick AJ! Congrats!


Wow, that’s a nice check! haha, I love the expression on your face too, taking off in a jet?! High profile lifestyle you got there!

Aj G.

Hahaha yeaaa buddy. Me and my team fly private these days…. Every time I get a big check I always remember what you told me when I first started the program “if you want to make that kind of money, you have to become worth the money you want to make” and this is just 50% of my salary for this 20 week project

Stacia T.

I love that. That’s one thing (of many) that stuck with me too. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE THAT KIND OF MONEY, YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOURSELF WORTH THAT KIND OF MONEY!!

Carlton H.

Hey everybody! Sorry I have been MIA lately but I’ve been working on shoots as a PA! Really Grip! My first job was a paid job also! It has been so amazing and I learned how to wrap stingers, set up C stands, set up kino’s, changed the light in kino’s, I even slated!!! That’s not even the half of it! But here are some pics! Thanks JANET! You are changing all our lives! P.S. Those are 2 different shoots, I’m on a 4 day shoot now. Image-Today,-9-00-42-AM

Carlton H.

Janet I really can’t express to you how much my life has changed since being apart of your program! The lead PA showed me how to basically control the operations of the whole festival! Also handling the stage from the booth so I created the playlist, controlled lights, mics, and the films playing in the theater, and also work with the directors editing their films into it programs, and the after party was GREAT! And this was my first film festival! I’m booked for a month straight! Image-Today,-1-33-54-PM

Kira Z.

I am super excited because I booked 2 jobs from my want to work emails.

I had an interview on Saturday and it went extremely well. I was early and from the time I showed up I just started working even before the interview just asking questions like do you need this or can I help with that??

The director was so impressed she was said your hired and I hadn’t even done the official interview! I live in Atlanta but I’ve been spending a lot of time in NC because my mom had a brain aneurysm. Even when I thought about just quitting because I was so overwhelmed, I thought about something I read: the people who are most successful kept going even in the midst of adversity! So instead of quitting I just slowed down sending out my want to work emails until I can get my mom situated.

I have been memorizing the basic set terms and also researching about grips because the grip department seems interesting to me. Have a Great Day!

Jane J.

GUYS! This is real life! Things are happening!!!

This week, I signed with a talent agency in New Mexico…I have been trying to sign in New Mexico for over a year and a half. This agent stated that she is looking forward to submit me to multiple shows that are HUGE!!! BUT you know what I am most excited about? Other than actually getting auditions and work…is working on set behind the scenes with some of the top shows filming in NM!

This week was a blessing! And I am still throwing that energy out there! IT IS HAPPENING!

Kira Z.

This is my first day on set as a PA and my first movie! I am doing the get on shoots method! They gave me a lead role and I’m not even an actor. My passion has always been behind the scenes. Prior to going to the first rehearsal, I had researched everyone and read the script. As I was setting up the director asked me to read for a main character because the actress couldn’t make it. I was so terrified but I did it anyway.

When we were finished the director said you did great, Your going to play this part. I almost fell out my chair. I will give it a shot but I’m nervous.

Kira Z.

Thank you guys for your compliments and advice. I will let everyone know how it goes! I am so grateful for friends in film because this is the closest I have come to being in the industry and I went to school for film.

The advice that everybody gives is priceless! You just have to be patient and do what Janet tells you to do and everything will fall into place : )

Carlton H.

Good morning guys, just wanted to give you guys an update. I got booked through this weekend with shoots! One music video and a Indie. Today is the music video. I had another shoot but it conflicted with this weekend. Have a solid email and keep sending them! Have a great productive day!

Tamara R.

Janet’s words of wisdom definitely rang true when I was on set of Feature Film – Odious.

Here are some examples

(1) I got the job of Wardrobe Supervisor by PA’ing for free on a short film and getting drafted to be Wardrobe Assistant to an amazing designer who then put me up for this 28day PAID gig

(2) On set I brought my A Game and everyone recognized it and asked for my business card so they could work with me again (had cards because of Janet ; ) and I got my first referral from this TODAY!

(3) While working as Wardrobe Supervisor I got drafted to be a Featured Extra as a Nurse — while all the other extras were not getting paid and were bored 8 hrs of the day I got my normal rate and was busy all day with my normal job :)

(4) I got to pull in my acting friends for Featured Extra roles as well

(5) I got to “reposition” friends (based on wardrobe color design mainly) to help them be more featured

(5) On set I met an incredible casting director as well as three stunt coordinators who all want to work with me in the future

(6) by being aware of my surroundings and the stress levels of my team I was able to realize we lost a location and due to my handy dandy magic list had locations already pre-scouted to help

(7) connections, connections, connections — Janet Urban YOU ROCK!! NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOUR AWESOME ADVICE!!!!

Bobby P.

I haven’t posted for a little while now. Here is why: American Ninja Warrior-booked. Outsiders TV show-booked. I got my first PA job on the movie Code Black.

You never really know how heavy a camera is until one is on your shoulders. I worked with lighting. I gave actors their cues. I worked with the boom operator. I set up and tore down equipment.

I learned what a Gary Coleman is. I helped set up props and sat in a chair so they could see what it looked like on camera. I held a 4×4 square for lighting. I coordinated people to move their cars out of the shot.

They needed me to be an extra in one scene, so I did that too. I got to hold the mic that has the fuzzy covering on it. I held a giant white plasic square in place for a scene.

Because I was smiling and energetic the Director used me for a lot of tasks. It didn’t hurt that everyone on the set liked me and joked with me all day. It was like a family atmosphere. On top of that I got the sides from my agent for a Heinz commercial, Eat N Park, and a few others. Also, I got the sides for the lead role in the movie “The Way I Am”.

I actually had to turn down a role as an extra because I was already busy that day. The crew were surprised that I knew all these terms. Why was that? Hmmmm? Could it be because I studied the PA terms that Janet gave us? Thanks Janet! Off to get more work. TTFN. That’s Ta Ta For Now.

Bobby P.

I almost forgo because I did so much, I went to my first event and met the Producer and lead Writer for the Cinemax show Banshee. The Producers’ name is Bob Phillips too. He talked with me for a while. He enjoyed the fact that I knew his past work.

At the end of the conversation he took my card and this prompted his lead writer to take it as well. It’s important to not try and give your card too quickly and just let things naturally flow for a while. As soon as he took my card he wrote on the back of it. I made a few other connections too. One being a on air personality for a local TV channel and a PA. GO TO EVENTS PEOPLE!

Jake T.

Just got Janet’s kick in the butt email about no free lunch : )

Here’s my response: Thanks for this Janet! I just had my second interview for the position in Pasadena, and I just have to pass a Spanish assessment and I should have the job! One step closer to California and working with the masters!

This email is very inspiring – one of the things that has really sunk in for me with this training is that I am responsible for my future. I can’t expect other people to be invested in it if I’m not personally invested in it myself. It’s something I’ve known, but it hadn’t been as crystal clear as it is now : )

And there is so much knowledge and guidance that I’ve received already and I’m only halfway through the program. I’m very excited to learn more and I guarantee that this training will stick with me for the rest of my life. So thank you, for being a kick-ass mentor, and an awesome example of how to support other people and make the world a better place! Peace Jake

Alex G.

I have to SECOND what you said Jake! I am so grateful I came across Janet Urban and her program. I think about it almost everyday. The training is invaluable and can be used in ANY aspect of our lives and that knowledge is a gift because not everyone “gets it” (in more ways than one). I am excited for the future. no longer worried about it.

Kira Z.

Janet Urban, I got another gig it starts on Monday!! It’s 4 days 125$ a day! The other PA was really cool and he hooked me up with this gig! I’m so excited!

Kira Z.

Thanks Janet Urban, I did get the job, it’s $150 a day for 5 days! I’m so excited! I’m not allowed to say the name of the show but I have watched it before on TV.

Kira Z.

Janet Urban, we wrap on Thursday, it has been the most exciting and yet the most exhausting experience ever lol!

At lunch on the first day, one of producer’s had asked me how long I had been PA and I told her that I had volunteered on some projects but this was my first real job. She was so shocked. She thought I had been doing it for years.

I’m doing everything from helping staging shots for the camera, lighting, petty cash to handling the talent to lockups to cleaning the crafty table and setting up tents and so on so forth. I’ve been writing down the stuff I’m doing for my resume. I will do a video sometime this week, talk more about what I’ve learned on set!

I thank you Janet Urban for this course. I’m so glad that I made the decision to sign up. It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m working on a real TV show. I had given up and was embarrassed because I’m 33 and still hadn’t done anything in film. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it looks amazing!

Tamara R.

I remember when I left the SE and my agent to come out to LA, I had no idea what my first step would be – I froze which derailed seven years of steady work because the market was so large and I had no network and no idea how to start rebuilding without my agent. Then I found Janet Urban and she taught me that I could make money WHILE building my network (and my resume) all within the industry. It was a huge “ah-hah” moment for me that there were paying jobs in the industry outside of the acting jobs that I was fighting for each day.

Since then I’ve been on a set every week (if not multiples) and I’ve doubled my resume and imdb acting and production credits.

Rejoice in having not only taken that first step but also potentially relieving your fear of how to pursue your dream AND make money : )

Bobby P.

This just in…….Bobby P. has just broke into double-digits for his PA resume. My 10th PA spot was once again on the Cinemax show Banshee. It was $140 for 12 hours. Also, it was a different episode than what I worked on before. So now I got a little bit extra to put on the old resume.

I also got booked for number 11 in a film called The Chop. This is for the guy that taught me slate, and got me on the TV show Mason as an actor and PA. I got booked for a Hilary Clinton comedic show as a main cast actor. We had a great audition. However they were really impressed that I got booked for The Chop. This is due to the fact that one of them also works on that show as well.

Do you guys see how all this connects the dots? If I didn’t work on Mason with that guy mentioned above, then I wouldn’t have gotten The Chop from him either. Also these people today wouldn’t have liked me as much without that booking. It’s a snowball effect.

I did feel the audition went smoother. They offered me the part on the spot, but that’s not why I think it went smoother. I used some of the notes Janet gave me about my acting and put them into action. God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, so you can listen twice as much as you talk. That’s all for now FIF family. Thanks for all you guys who gave me support or liked what I wrote. Remember if I don’t post in the next 5 minutes, just wait longer.

Emily H.

Wowee! This is a very busy August for me! All my weekends are full with paying jobs, got a photoshoot to prepare for, and I have many projects I have to prepare for.

Ain’t that crazy? Apparently, being a makeup artist that specializes in SFX is not that easily found in GA. Most only do Beauty primarily with some SFX experience. Because of this, I’m being able to do what I love and gain experience for my resume, also get paid a decent amount of money!

It’s great how this program can help me figure out how to work in the business and get to know the down low on how set life works, so I look like a smooth operator.

I still look out for Production Assistant jobs, and working as one on a small film with Leaf this October. Also, this week, I plan on sending out more want to work emails and begin commissioning to do art. SO so excited!!!

I’m making enough to pay for this program next month and then some!


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