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Alex G.

Thought I’d share that I bumped into a fellow FIF member Laura! I was heading back to my lockup and she goes FRIENDS IN FILM! I was like ??????? Later in the day we connected and got a pic together! You’re so sweet Laura!

Over the weekend we worked on a Marvel movie with Benedict Cumberbatch! I think it’s the biggest feature I’ve worked!

Faith P.

I haven’t felt this excited for my future in a long time! I’ve lined up 6 shoots for me to work on in the last 4 days! I had a meeting with one of the filmmakers today, I have a phone interview on Monday for a different shoot, and I’ve got the Dallas International Film Festival coming up next week. I couldn’t be more excited for what headed my way. My confidence is definitely booming already. I just hope my day job doesn’t mind my choppy schedule for the next month or two.

Sena T.

Booked and finished working on a Voice Over through connections I made at the film festival :) With this awesome job opportunity, I paid off the program !!! Keeping up the good work and keep on building the industry connections :)

Love you all !!!

Amy G.

Quick update and moment of gratitude!!

I’ve been super busy and loving it!!

In the past month I’ve added 5 gigs to my resume ranging from PA to Production Designer and currently I’m a Wardrobe PA for the Exorcist Pilot for Fox filming in Chicago. :)

4 out of 5 jobs I got from referrals and the other I got from a want to work email! I have been taken under an aspiring costume designer’s wing and he has been referring me all over town after I referred him and got him work! :) we met months ago on a commercial as fellow PAs.

I got to go to a small get together last night of some industry people and got to strengthen some connections by simply relating as a friend and person! Man that’s the best! I was invited and introduced around by the leader of the film festival I’ve been working since last November. He also introduces me via email every few months to producers in town.
I also had a meeting this week with a Director who agreed to Direct an Co-develop a script I have been wanting to Produce! We have begun fine tuning the writing of the script and it’s a story in super passionate about and can’t wait to bring to life!

It’s an amazing feeling to take a moment and reflect on all of the amazing blessings and opportunities I have been given simply by working hard and sticking with the training! Something important for me to always remember is a healthy dose of self kindness mixed in as well! Success loves those who have peace and love in their heart and drive in their soul. Sounds like a classic FIFer to me!!! We got this :) thanks to everyone for the constant inspiration :)

Anna L.A.

Janet this program has helped me in so many ways. I am not just looking at my career. I am looking at my life as a whole and doing things for me to better my life. Ever since I started the program I have started working out, eating healthier, being more positive…life has its challenges but I feel better now taking them on. I will always be thankful for you and your loving spirit Janet Urban!

Tatiana M.

Hello loves!:) I will be working as a PA for another dance competition tomorrow (and possibly the weekend-they haven’t told me yet) for $270 a day! I’m very excited! Stay positive folks!:)

John H.

Hey guys! I have some wonderful news to share! I had two shoots this past weekend and I’m really starting to get confident in being a production assistant! I have another shoot Saturday, and a 4 day shoot on a Netflix series next week! I have a small part, but hey, I’ll take it!

Sena T.

Hey Janet,
I have tons of photos from yesterday but here are some of it. OMG i was completely shocked and kept saying to my self don’t pass out, don’t pass out : ) It’s definitely a great memory. I am so happy that I listened to you and your teachings. Life’s getting more interesting and fun as I follow your directions.
Thanks a lot Janet :)

2016-03-06 06.27.33 5

Friends in Film

Today’s lunch on set in Malibu.


Tatiana M.

It’s been an AMAZING week!! I PA’d for a music video on March 27th. Originally I was booked for 5 days on another shoot (a tv pilot that will hopefully get picked up) and the producer added another day for pick ups (skeleton crew) and only chose what she said were the “best” and I’m on!: ) I also got booked for “So You Think You Can Dance” from March 11-13th!! Stay grounded and humble, and doors will open!: ) Have a great weekend everyone sending out LOTS of LOVE!!!

Dani A.

Oh me oh my where do I start! This week is a good week! I worked a 2 day shoot, however one of the days was last week, I am still waiting to hear back about another shoot, and I was just asked to apply for another shoot for an NBC show! How awesome! One top of all this I was asked to be the 1st AD and producer on a music video. This is awesome!!!!!! So many opportunities. Can’t help by smile! Also in case anyone hasn’t tried it I had the Smoked Butterscotch Latte that just came out at Starbucks! SOOO GOOOODDDD!!!!! (That’s just a side note.)

Erin S.

I started FIF one year ago and tonight I am part of two Golden Globe winning shows! Thank you Janet for gifting me your knowledge and leading me into this wonderful new career path! I had the honor of working in front of the camera on HBO’s Show Me a Hero and behind the scenes on season one of Mr. Robot. On cloud a million!


Jake T.

When I joined FIF last March, I didn’t know for sure if I would be able to make money to cover it, or how the heck I would get into the film industry in MAINE where there didn’t seem to be much shooting at all!

I took that leap of faith though because I felt something different about this program, and it is a straightforward way to get into the film industry, get on set, and get those paying gigs!

So when I started in Maine, I realized how much film was actually going on all around me, and started getting on some of those shoots!

Janet guided me in how to present myself, what I should be focusing on, where my mental state needed to be at to come across the right way to these professionals, and wow did it work! I stayed in Maine for several more months, getting experience and learning everything I could while still working a day job to save money for my big move, and in August I relocated out to Los Angeles, where I am living and working now.

I work full time in the film industry, in front of and behind the camera, and am literally living my dream!

Yes, it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of hustle, and a lot of positive energy, but the same holds true for anything in life. If you want something badly, you’ll do the work to make it happen, and other people will see that and be inspired to help you. If you’re indifferent about it, then why the heck would anyone else want to hand you success? You gotta work for it every day.

This program has been life-changing for me, I’ve made a lot of friends through it all over the country, and we meet up with each other and work together when we’re in each other’s cities, and through it all we support, encourage, and help each other to become successful.

You guys should hear some of the calls we have – just going over each others successes, and learning together when something doesn’t work.

Love and peace to you all!

Tamara R.

Hey Happy Sunday! Super excited to announce that I just landed a two day wardrobe designer gig at $200/day just for design (not even onset!) I’m doing it from home!

Anyways, at this moment I reflected on what led me to this job and thought I would share because everything led back to Friends in Film : ) Here is the journey… Nov 2014 I took the ten day free course with Janet.

I wondered if it was real, so I talked to a designer I knew was involved in the industry and asked her what thought of being a Production Assistant to get jobs. She thought it could work if I met the right people.

After the course started Janet let us know right off the bat the “Get on shoots” method and how to vector our way onto sets

Jen J.

This program helps you find positive ways to think and ways to find yourself in the industry. I am from Denver, and hit many brick walls trying to find acting work, and I got frustrated at my agent…BUT since I started this program, doors have opened up so much for me! I recently worked on a shoot and I helped the AD out with something, and she asked me what I would like that she could help provide. I was bold enough and said: “I need help getting my SAG card.” She looked me straight in the eye, and said: “You got it!” She just hooked me up with an audition and off we go…! SO all things are possible…

Alex G.

I just booked a 3 day paid commercial gig this Thursday – Saturday from the “Want to work” emails! Super excited! Found it on a Facebook group : )

And to know that my first gig in California this past Sunday was PAID and all thanks to fellow FiF member and MENTOR Jake T. It was such a cool thing to recognize how far we’ve come in a year. From wondering how we could do this in our own markets, to working and referring work to each other in a city like LA : ) Thanks Jake! and THANK YOU Janet!

Rachel L.

So I got to double dip this week and work on a feature yesterday since I had a day off from the TV show! And they asked me to come back any other days that I’m available!! This month is getting busy busy busy! This is in/around Louisville, KY. I’ll have been booked solid from October until mid February!


Wow! How much are you making a month do you think? This is very useful for people who want to be where you are…

And doing this in Louisville, guys!

Rachel L.

Hmmm probably a little over $4000 before taxes. I’ll definitely be jumping a tax bracket this year lol


That’s great! I remember being so shocked by the money when I started… then you get used to it.

Remember the tax training bonus so you write off this program and as much as you possibly can against that income!

John H.

Hey guys! I just want to share my experience on set for these past six days. I was on a six day shoot for a sizzle reel that was Directed by Johnathan Frakes who is a TV director and producer. He directed the Star Trek Next Generation series and various other shows. It was such an honor to work with him. As an aspiring Director, I learned so much from watching him. Everyone enjoyed working with me. I handed out my business cards and people on set said that they would love to work with me again. I even got the directors email so that I can email him my reel for feed back. And I’m getting paid for this gig! It feels good!

Image Today 3-25-44 PM


Tamara R.

Look who found me on set today :D FIF MENTOR Jake T. was doing his hustle thing!

We decided to take a “friendly” and a “FIF POWER UNITE” posed picture for you ; )

As background –

I was there as the wardrobe designer for the film and the on set stylist. I am also dressed up here because I was a day player in the film as “Ms. Robinson” the Engineering teacher : ) After my shot I was back in jeans hustling.

Jake heard about the film through a friend and offered to help and man did he! He was working it as a set PA, helping dress the set, filling in for the lead as a stand-in, and even rocking it as an extra! The crew and cast loved him : )

After seeing him in action I told him I would happily send PA jobs his way! We even swapped our contact cards that you helped us design : )

Keep that hustle up FIF MENTOR Jake T. !!
Image Today 4-35-42 PM


I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!!!!!

Tamara R.

All day we were like “we have to take a picture for Janet” :D

Here are two more fun ones – FIF MENTOR Jake Tremblay


Jen J.

2015 was a start to a new chapter in my life. I took 2 courses that ended up changing the outcome of my career. I am so glad that I had found FIF! The program changed my life. Not only did I learn how to find ways on set, but I have found several opportunities for work, built great relationships with key movie makers, and have worked in front of the camera more than I ever had in the past. I learned how to control my mind in a more positive way and to focus on the success, and I have also had the awesome experiences of traveling and meeting wonderful FIF members in person. (still several fabulous people out there that I want to meet…!!!) Thank you Janet, Jake T. and FIF MENTOR Alex G. for a fabulous 2015.

Looking ahead to 2016!!!

And always remember that dreams do come true!!!


Ashley J.

I discovered the Friends in Film program years ago! I think it was like 2011 or 2012 when I first found out about Friends in Film.

Not going to lie, I thought it was too good to be true! On top of that, I was in college and I was not in the best place in my life. I was very frustrated and felt defeated because I thought college would just open all of these doors and college was the end goal. I don’t regret getting my degree but I bet I could have saved A LOT more money if I did this program years ago. Each year, the opportunity to join FIF will come up and I allowed self doubt to determine my decision to not join the program.

HOWEVER, when the opportunity to join this time came around, I made a decision to take a leap of faith and join the program. Let me tell you, this was one of the most empowering decisions I have ever made. I have never felt so in control of my life and destiny.

I have only been part of this program for about two months or so, but I have gained so much confidence. Most importantly, when I feel down or struggling, I can count on you (Janet!) and the bat cave to lift my spirits.

Specific examples of how the program changed my life: Oh goodness, I have sooo many! One powerful example actually JUST happened to me last week (11/ 03/15). So, I work as a receptionist/customer service associate for a PBS affiliate in Tacoma, WA. Ever since I have been working there (over a year, now), I have been talking to my boss about my professional development and my dreams to be an actor/producer/director. She was not taking me seriously at all until I started the FIF program! I have worked on 5 or 6 shoots now and, oddly enough, every time I would go on set as a PA, I am immediately bumped up to an extra or featured extra or an assistant. : )

Of course, every time I got PA work, I told my boss about it. Well, she met with me and explained that she saw how dedicated I am to my craft and she is so impressed that I am now shadowing a Producer at the station.

On top of that, I am a Producer’s Assistant for an upcoming project at the end of this week!

I could not believe it! This is only the beginning! I am also getting to the point where I am getting referred to projects.

I never thought I would be in the position where this program and my job would go hand in hand. I don’t plan on staying in public television forever and I know I won’t be a PA forever, but can’t lie, this is freaking sweet!

This program has changed my perspective on life. I know that is deep but its true. Before this program, I never 100% felt qualified to even call myself part of the entertainment industry.

Even after obtaining my theatre degree, I would always say “Oh I’m going to be an actor/producer/director etc”. It was self-depreciating because I didn’t have much experience.

For me, experience equals confidence. Since I didn’t have that experience, I felt like I wasn’t good enough.

But Janet, you are definitely like a big sister! You had said in one of the first videos “You are awesome!” and I was crazy enough to believe it, lol.

You made me feel like all the experience I have gained was worth its weight in gold.

Because of that, I thank you soooooo much. I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING I set my mind to because “I am awesome!”

Thanks so much, Janet! You are the absolute best.

I don’t know how I could ever repay you. You have been such a blessing in my life.



Amy G.

I feel like I have a secret weapon. When people tell me how hard it is and how little work there is out there I smile because I have the ninja training to find work and get even more.

I have also gained an immense amount of confidence. Before I thought I had to be tough and mean to get anywhere–and I am not that person. So I struggled for a long time trying to figure out why I wasn’t getting anywhere.

But through the training I realize it’s the opposite. I have to be a loving, caring, helpful, thoughtful person to get ahead. And I LOVE that. That means just be who I am and work hard and I can accomplish what I want. It’s a game changer.

Isabel C.

Before Friends in Film, I was frustrated. I knew a few friends who had actually begun to find some sort of success in the industry. I wasn’t one of them, but I knew I did just want to be “in the industry.” I wanted to work on sets.

I want to be an actor, but I don’t want to wait tables, or work in retail.

I had always heard that you have to “pay your dues” and “work your way up”, but honestly I knew there had to be a better way. There are countless movies being made all around the world and people are getting paid to be there.

Since FIF, I have actually begun to see the behind the scenes. I am meeting people like me who are just starting out and also meeting people who have been working professionally for years. We are talking, building connections, and learning from each other.

With FIF, I have a place to ask questions and get advice. No one in my family does anything remotely related to the entertainment industry, and all my professors hadn’t worked for years (sometimes decades).

FIF is getting me connected to the people who are working NOW, and helping me move forward to start my career on set.

I’m starting to see how awesome my life can actually be, being able to love going to work every day.

Honestly, FIF is kind of weird. I saw this random ad on Facebook, clicked through, and registered for the Career on Fire training.

FIF isn’t all in your face advertising how it’s the best training you can get or how it will change your life. Janet isn’t about sales pitches, she’s about actually helping you get to where you’ve been dreaming you’d go.

FIF is cool because it’s very step by step in some ways.

I’m not saying it’s a perfect calendar of what to do each day, but with FIF I have a goal. I’m not jumping headfirst saying I’m going to be the next big actor! I starting out and work a little each day.

The progress is real and you can see it, but it’s not a miracle drug. If I go a few days without working on FIF stuff, I’ll start to really miss it. The way I see it, FIF is the workout that will get me into the industry and Janet is my personal trainer!

Jake T.

My life now is headed in the right direction, with strategies that are bringing work in and making a career in the film industry happen.

Before I started FIF, I was working a full time corporate job, and had worked in the film industry a tiny bit before, but didn’t have the “Get it factor” necessary to make a career in it.

A lot of it was just not knowing who to talk to, what to talk about, or HOW to talk to people!

And now I know what kind of conversations to be having, what people care about, and how I can provide that for them and work for them.

I also now have experience that has allowed me to create a kick-ass resume (which I get complimented on a lot), and it gives me the confidence to walk into production offices and meet people that way too!

I’ve been told by so many people that they like working with me, that I’m really good, and that they want to bring me work in the future (and some of them have)!

This program has given me the tools to make a career in the film industry, but it has also given me the self-confidence to take major risks and succeed, like moving out to Los Angeles,
to have conversations with people and communicate effectively and in a likable manner, and to trust that even when it gets challenging, I have ways of powering through and pulling myself back to a positive state of mind where I can accomplish everything I need to.

So yeah, this program has been totally awesome and life-changing! Thank you for creating it, and making it available for me to use to turn my life around and direct it where I want to go!

Brittany M. R.

My life before FIF was asking people for jobs, or asking for help getting jobs. My mentality before FIF was thinking I already put enough of my time into school so I did my part; I did enough work already.

It was a terrible way of thinking and I found myself very depressed and always feeling negative about every situation in my life. I was questioning my love for the industry because things weren’t falling into place easily.

Since getting involved with FIF I’ve changed my viewpoint, I see how important it is to make connections, to help others, WANTING to help others, taking an interest in the people around you, being positive – I could go on.

I’ve purged all negativity out of life, including some friends and family members unfortunately, and in just one month’s time I’ve seen a huge improvement in myself, my self worth, and work ethic.

Professionally, I’ve received great feedback from the shoots I’ve done thus far and have been offered one contract job due to making a great impression.

I’ve been following the modules and exercises exactly and everything has been working. I can only imagine the possibilities that wait for me beyond the first month!

I think that mainly this program has taught me to take chances in order to get what I want and where I want. I’m a very shy person; I hate calling people, meeting new people, being around new people, etc. Well, I should say I HATED it.

Listening and being present on the weekly calls has helped so much. The inspiration that pours out of Janet’s mouth makes me even more hungry to be apart of this industry.

Something happened over just one month’s time, a trigger went off inside of me, and now I have no problems calling people, meeting them, acting confident about my work. I’m still nervous as hell inside, but I pull it together and make it work.

I’m still so new but looking to see how this attitude change will push me forward and get me to where I’m trying to go!

Ciara K.

Before discovering Friends in Film I was a little lost you could say. I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted my life to be but had no idea how I was going to get that point. Having this unknown feeling gave me a little sense of doubt or feeling of discouragement because I had this huge goal but no set plan.

Now that I have this program, my confidence has skyrocketed. My goals feel reachable and I am so excited about the future and my career instead of nervous.

This program is a blessing to me because it is the missing piece to my plan. Before I would be so uncomfortable telling people what I wanted to do with my life because I knew they would ask how I would get there as far as becoming an actress.

Now I feel confident telling people about my plans and I actually want people to ask.

What’s exciting to me is that this program is showing me how to thrive in the film industry and be one of the best. I feel like such a professional and that’s because I AM thanks to Janet for all the knowledge and advice. I feel like I belong and I’m finally where I belong and getting connected to the right kind of people. My kind of people.

The more involved I am in the program and mingling with everyone on Yammer or even at networking events I feel such a sense of belonging. I’ve never had that feeling before as much as I do know. That is because I know this is something am in for the long haul so it feels good to finally be where I belong and can grow in the career field I desire.

I am constantly receiving new knowledge and taking that in. This program has changed my life. I could cry.

I am beyond grateful for finding this program and I do not even know where I would be or how far away from my dreams I would be without it. It is worth every penny.

I love Janet. She is such an inspiration and I will always thank her for helping me start my career.

Friends in Film

Fun times in Venice beach!


Briana C.

I have been in the mentorship program for 3 months and I’m so different (in a positive way) from the way I was 3 months ago. I have so much more self-confidence, I face my fears of calling people daily, and can actually see me growing and thriving in the film industry.

Since I joined Friends in Film I look at things from a new perspective and have a more positive outlook in situations and on life. I’m a happier person. I’m working everyday to become a more social able person and my dreams are starting to become a reality.

This program has breathed life and fire back into me again. I always heard people say go after your dreams, but I didn’t know how and wasn’t getting anywhere until this program.

I also feel like a better mom and role model too I always tell my son that he can achieve his dreams, but he always saw me struggling to achieve mine.

Now he sees me going after my dreams and becoming successful in the film industry.

Matthew H.

I was on a 3 day shoot for a pilot I was a PA nearly a week!

Now I am very good friends with the two directors who put this whole thing together, yay for meeting people :). I spoke with one of the directors a day or two ago. Not only did she really appreciate my work and said I was a sweetheart, but she also ask if I wanted to be Taft Hartley (basically being able to work Union and non-Union jobs I believe). And with out missing a beat I said, “um that would be amazing if you could do that.”

The director said I will get a credit for the pilot so that I can have an IMDb page!!!!

Friends and film you rock. It really pays off to apply the “get it factor” as well as being your best public self :).

Emily tells us how much she’s made in the industry since she started the mentorship program.

Alicia is only in month 2 of the program and pays it off with BIG FILM JOB!

Carlton skips the audition process and gets jobs straight from Directors and Producers.

Jen goes from stuck and cleaning a yoga studio to having a career in the film industry (something she never thought was possible!)

Dani has made over $2200 in just a few weeks with the program.

Erin talks about how she’s been on 5 shoots. One of her shoots, Bradley Cooper was producing and acting in!

Alex talks about big shoots he is on since he started the mentorship program!

Austin in Philly on shoots non-stop, only 2 months in the mentorship program.

Jake goes on location with Grimes, sits in hot tub with producer and makes $600 in 4 days.

Alex stops the actor struggle and now has a career.

Brandon loves the party on set!

Nathan talks about roadblocks as an actor, but once he got inside, a whole new world opened up.

Erin meets our hero, Lena Dunham in the bathroom, on set!

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