IMPORTANT: Look Like the job you Want to Do!

Something you might not expect but IMPORTANT: Look like the job you want to do! Film industry jobs are made of crafts. In order to get ahead, it matters that you look like, talk like, and have the energy of the people who already do what you want to do. When you know how to fit in, insiders think of you as a professional.

You can be highly skilled at the craft you want to do.  You can get stuck in your career though by ignoring things like dress, talk, and energy.

Even in the film industry, which is full of creative people, there are still patterns of personality that go along with craft jobs. A director doesn’t dress like a stunt coordinator. A stunt coordinator doesn’t dress like a production designer.

Mirror the personality of the people doing the job you want. Pay attention to how people look and act on set. Develop a keen awareness of professionals. When you do, they recognize you as a professional as well.

When insiders feel comfortable and confident with you, they will hire you and recommend you.

The film industry is a people business. You get ahead by developing relationships.

You’ll be working with a lot of different people. You’ll often be working with people who are on set with you for the first time. When you know who does what job just by observing their mode of dress, everyone sees you as a pro.

Observe what is happening on set, so you know who is who and what is what. You can go from production assistant into your craft in short time because you will be working on set like a seasoned team member, not a beginner.

A successful career in the film industry may not be as far away as you think.

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