How to find the best acting coach

How do I find the best acting coaches?

It’s a great question, right? I mean you want to work with the best, you realize that the best people have connections inside the business, so of course you want to work with them so how to find out who the best people are?

Well, I think that one of the best ways of getting any question answered is to get that question answered on set. I know I keep talking about being on set, but really is the place that you wanna ask people that are successful and working. Those people are all there on set!

So, when you’re on set, talk to the working actors, not background people but the principal actors. Ask them – “Hey who did you go to for studying improve, who did you go to for getting into commercials, who did you go to to learn the business of acting, who did you get your headshot photographer with?”

So you ask them these questions and then you get answers.

Now what’s even better is if you’re working on set and you are working with these people may be over period of days, you get to know them. You see them at breakfast and you see them at lunch. You might have lunch with them and then you kinda get to be friends, then they’ll start to share with you some of their connections.

It could be an agent, an acting coach that is closed right now but through their referral and the recommendation, then you know… that person may see you.

It’s awesome when you get to know people more than just one time, you get to know them.

You start to have a conversation just a little bit over a several days and then they really wanna help you. They’re gonna like you because they’re just like you. I mean, they just got the acting part and they are there acting but they’re just like you and they’ll see that you’re a go-getter.

People want to help out go-getters. People love go-getters!

When you’re kind of a go-getter, you are there on set. You have done this, you are doing that and they like that and they wanna share. They want you to be like part of their, you know, friends, right?

To sum it up, the best answers are always found on set. You want to find the best acting coaches, get on set, talk to working actors, and find the best people that way. Also get referrals to them, that’s the best freaking way!

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