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I officially left my 9-5 job in June and started working as an assistant editor in July (for 4 months) for a production company that does documentaries for PBS Frontline. I feel so free and confident that I’m not worried about the next gig because I know I have the skill and the right attitude to make it in this industry. I have a network of passionate people around me that love working with me. And that network is only going to get even bigger!

At my old job I was a video editor for NBC Sports. Though I was getting a chance to edit it wasn’t the content that I wanted to be a part of. The people became negative, videos became so simple that I didn’t even need a full day to do my job. I wasn’t happy and began to be one of those people that complained and wasn’t doing anything about it.

I wanted to be apart of something that was challenging and could possibly make a difference in someone’s life. Editing film has always been my dream, but at one point in my life I convinced myself that It was too big of a dream.

This program has honestly given me belief that NOTHING IS TOO BIG. I gave it all I had!

I got referred to work on this upcoming documentary for PBS making $1,300 a week. This program has brought out of me what I knew I already had and I’m grateful that I didn’t waste anymore time with doubts and what ifs.

I am also working Saturdays with another Documentary filmmaker that has Multiple Sclerosis. Despite his disease he wakes up every morning with his care aids and a team of people to make films. I’m proud to say I’m also apart of that team. His story has motivated me to keep pushing forward no matter the obstacles. He’s living proof that nothing can stand in your way as long as you are focused, positive, and have the dare I say “GET IT FACTOR.” So I’ve been meeting some pretty amazing people on this journey and it’s really all because of FIF.


Charnelle Q.

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