Why Doesn’t Auditioning Work!?

“How do I find auditions?”

It’s the most common question we get from aspiring actors. The problem they are running into is that easily found auditions are not the professional work. They are mostly shorts, freebie shoots, and student films. While you can get some valuable experience from shoots like that, they won’t be pushing your career forward in any meaningful way.

One of the best things you can do is get on professional sets and start making relationships with your buyers, the producers and directors who decide who gets acting roles. Casting directors are also good people to meet, but they only get you into the room; they don’t make the final decision.

Once you’re on set, your buyers can refer you to the agents and coaches who’ve made direct, positive impacts on the careers of actors. Working actors you meet can also help you out in this way.

Bottom line: expand your connections by working on professional sets instead of auditioning for freebies. Instantly you will be introduced to a whole new world that can give you clarity, confidence, and direction as an actor.

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