If you want to know what makes people happy, it’s Progress = happiness.

If you don’t even get your goal, but you’re making progress, you’re going to be excited.

– If you’re overweight, and start to work out, and feel different, you’re going to be excited.

– If your relationship isn’t great, but you start to tackle it and make some progress, you’re going to be excited.

– You feel elated when you make progress in the film industry, even when you haven’t yet achieved your ultimate goal.

If you achieve the goal, you’re only satisfied for a short time.

Because the purpose of the goal is not to get it, the purpose of the goal is so we become something more. That’s the whole goal.

That’s why after one goal is done, we go after another goal, because it’s not the goal, it’s the progress and the growth that makes us happy.

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