Why a degree isn’t needed in the film industry

A lot of people struggle to decide if film school is worth their time and money. They wonder if spending tens of thousands of dollars will help them achieve their film industry goals of becoming a director or producer.

We had the opportunity to speak with A-lister Jocelyn. Into The Industry Certification enabled her to quickly quit her successful corporate-world career as a commercial real estate agent in Atlanta. She loves to share her insight about her rapid rise to assistant director since joining the A-list Mentorship program.

Jocelyn dreamed of working in film. She believed she would easily land film industry work with an expensive film degree. Instead, she found the Into The Industry Certification method before spending tens of thousands of dollars on traditional schooling.

Breaking into and advancing upwards in the film industry is counter-intuitive. Unlike the corporate world, which demands degrees for advancement, the film industry does not require a degree. In fact, a degree doesn’t qualify you. Jocelyn tells us, “Realistically, they’re not even going to ask if you have a degree.”

Film set is a craft job, while film school teaches theory. Most who dream of working in film don’t understand that classroom theory doesn’t apply in the world of film. The way to success is to learn a craft specialty live on set.

Film industry professionals hire based on work ethic, attitude, and who they know. Professionals value most highly those who have Get It Factor. No one learns Get It Factor sitting in expensive classes.

Production Assistants work won’t guarantee upward advancement. The film industry is littered with jaded PA’s who are hired out of college and don’t advance into their crafts. They can be found sitting around on set because they don’t know what to do. Jocelyn often sees these PA’s around set and considers herself fortunate for finding the A-list Mentorship.

Through Into The Industry Certification, Jocelyn gained practical knowledge. She discovered how to break into the industry, became familiar with the set environment, and learned who works in what department. Jocelyn advanced her career. She deployed her armory of Into The Industry Certification networking methods and moved into her craft. In short time, she achieved the coveted position of Assistant Director. She’s highly sought after, continually referred work, and referring work to others.

Jocelyn shares that she learned, “how to fish”. Into The Industry Certification taught her the skills and confidence to not only break into the film industry, but also to successfully network and become a known and loved Assistant Director. The beauty of this program is learning Get It Factor, that unique-to-the-film-industry insider edge Jocelyn discovered through the FIF Into The Industry Certification Program.

Into The Industry Certification is how to build your amazing career in the film industry!

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