What jobs in film should you be doing?

What jobs in film should you be doing? That depends on what job in film you want to be doing. There are so many different types of exciting jobs in the film industry that it may be difficult to decide which one should become your career path.

You already have skills from the job you already do. Just take a self-inventory of the skills you have. You’ll spot skills you already have that you can use on set. Then watch through this video and see what jobs you would love to do.

There is a lot of opportunity in the film industry. Shoots are happening everywhere.

Maybe you already know what job you want to vector to. If you’re not sure, that’s OK. Either way, you need to get on set.

Even as the film industry is booming, many people still don’t figure out how to break in.

Being on set is the best way  to experience the film industry in action. This means you should know how to get on professional sets, then know how to get ahead once you get there.

A great way to learn your craft is to get training is on set. This means that you should network with professionals on the inside.

If you don’t know what job you want to do, being on set is the best way to find out what you want to specialize in. As a production assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to see the crafts in action.

When you’re on a professional shoot, you get to see how a set really operates. You have the opportunity to see how specialized jobs get done. You see how the pros work together to create the finished show.

A film shoot is a team of people. Think about all the departments that have to come together; camera, sound, writing, footage editing, acting, stunts, wardrobe, art department, VTR, script supervisor, special effects, hair and makeup – that’s a lot of coordination.

Your job as a film professional is to be a service to them. You are working as part of a team.

Some beginners get nervous when they see all the different kinds of jobs and wonder how they are ever going to navigate all the complex workings of a set. Insiders understand there is a lot to know. They are people who love what they’re doing, so many want to share their expertise with people who are excited about being on set.

What job should you be doing on set? For most beginners, the production assistant is the place to start. Then you can move into your craft.

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