What if I’m not good enough?

Friends in Film member Jack wrote:

“That I am not good enough or motivated enough… and because of that I am destined to fail.”

You did a great job of identifying your underlying fear. This is so useful because every situation you come across is seen through this filter.

Almost everybody has some version of this filter! We all deal with this same fear.

Do you want to know how we can take control back from this filter?

All you need to do is ask yourself some empowering questions.

When you ask a question, you believe your answer.

The problem with affirmations like “I will be successful”, “I am a great actor”, “I can do this”…is your brain immediately says bullshit.

However, when you ask yourself a question, then you convince yourself that it’s true. Here are some examples of empowering questions:

“Have I had success in the past?” Yes!

“Have I had fear and still went forward?” Yes!

“Can I excel in this, just like I’ve done with other things in the past?” Yes!

These questions are empowering because when you answer them your mind goes into a different place…It’s a powerful place. You have tapped into your own power.

That is your soul answering those questions, not your scared, concerned self.

So keep these questions handy for you to answer and look at. Copy them onto your phone and put them on your bathroom mirror.

Remember that every successful person also walked these dark hallways afraid to fail and wondering if they are good enough.

We all have these fears.

But we must master creating our own power because that is the only way forward! : – )

What is coming next is a video that will really help you come up with your empowering questions…

If you’d like to watch this video, click here.

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