What to do if you feel stuck…

One question you might have is “How can I get the kind of work I want in the film industry?”

Ask yourself a shitty question and you’ll get a shitty answer.

I mean, isn’t it driving you crazy asking yourself that question? It just points out that you’re not where you want to be. Watch this video below so that you can make real progress towards your dreams. It’s only 2 minutes long and it can change everything.

Whenever I’m feeling a little down, or afraid for the future or know that I’m acting in a way where I’m feeling I’m not good enough…I ask myself empowering questions.

“Is the film industry huge and nationwide” Yes!

“Does the film industry pay well?” Yes!

“Do a lot of people make their living in the film industry?” Yes!

“Can I use a program like Janet’s mentorship program to get on these film sets right away and get these paying jobs?” Yes!

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