Want to work for Netflix as an Actor? Here’s what I know…

Do you want to work for Netflix as an actor? There are many ways to work for scripted TV. You can learn how to work for Netflix from home, or how to work for Netflix as an actor. For all those binge watching fans dreaming of breaking into scripted TV, here’s what I know from my years of experience working in Hollywood.

There is plenty of opportunity to work for scripted TV today. With more than fifty networks working on scripted projects and productions like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and Amazon (just to name a few), production companies are constantly looking to hire new people. The industry is growing fast and will only grow faster in the future.

Great opportunity does not mean those jobs are easy to find.

You want to land entry level jobs on set. From there, you can move into craft jobs, including acting.

I’ve learned from years of experience that learning on set from working professionals is the fastest way to advance a career.

You can work with professionals on set to learn your craft.

When you are on set, working at your entry level job, you see the set in action. Be the person who observes and notes what is happening. Then you can ask the professionals intelligent questions. You won’t be like the people who ask mundane things like how they got their job. You’ll be able to ask specific questions. These questions often start with, ‘How were you able to…’ or ‘Do you have a technique for…’

Don’t worry if you don’t think you can come up with intelligent questions. When you are on set, your questions arise because you will see the set in action. You will figure out what to ask just by observing, and you will want to know the answers.

The professionals love intelligent questions. It shows them you are genuinely interested in the work. Film professionals love what they do. Many are eager to impart what they know to new people with genuine interest. Conversations on set become your connections. Those connections evolve into mentorships and friendships that can last a lifetime.

The film industry works through people. Your connections refer you work. That’s how you advance a career in the film industry.

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