Video from 20th century fox studio

Hey. Made this video for you today at 20th century fox studio.

This studio is near Hollywood and it’s a big one. Near Sony Studios. And Paramount is a little further to the east.

Warner Brothers and Disney is in Burbank.

You probably don’t know where all the studios are, but if you come to LA, you’ll be shooting at them all.

20th century fox is especially cool for this reason:

Anyway, we shot there for 2 days, and now will finish our shoot “on location”. Meaning not on a stage.

Talk to you soon!


P.S. Deven, the key grip was talking about how he was once put in a movie as an actor. As you know, this happens quite often.

Now, Deven, is a 6’3″ black guy, who is one of the nicest and helpful people out there.

So, he’s telling us all this story of how they put him in the movie, which enjoyed, and he even got an imdb credit.

Except it said “Actress”.

We all laughed so hard.

I’m sure he could change it, but he doesn’t care. :)

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