Using the past to grow as an actor

Using the past to grow as an actor is one of the smartest things you can do to launch your acting career. You discover how to become a better actor. A List Mentor Lera has plenty of good tips, even ways you can become a better actor at home.

Knowing the parts you can play is one of the major challenges you encounter when starting an acting career. Many actors struggle for years, submitting their headshots for roles and hoping to hear a callback.

If they’re lucky, they may get a role once in a while, but they don’t regularly land the lead parts.  Instead of landing role after role, their acting careers are made of occasional gigs.

It feels like there is an insider group of actors who get all of the lead roles, and then there is the massive class of actors clamoring to break in.

If you’ve been struggling like this, then try something different to get the parts you want and rock your career. Even if you’ve been struggling for many years, know that the past is no indication of the future.

You need to ask yourself what the successful actors like A-list Mentor Lera know about.

All top professionals in the film industry know a different way. It doesn’t matter what their positions are, cast or crew. Everyone on set who succeeds has a different way of doing things than the people who don’t work.

No one is born knowing how to do all this film industry stuff. Everyone learns it.

Successful actors do their research. They watch movies and TV shows from the past to discover what parts they could have played. This gives actors a clear sense of what roles they can play today.

Pinpoint the characters you would love to do, and you’ll get specific of who you are and what you want to do.

Actors who succeed in film and television make it because they research past shows to discover what roles they can portray. They know themselves. They love the characters they play.

All these things make an actor authentic.

For successful actors, being authentic is important. You need to be authentic in your roles.

Self-discovery + knowing yourself + loving your roles = authenticity.

Casting directors seek actors who are authentic and get the mentality of working on a film set.

You can be cast for roles because you are excited about the characters you portray. When you love the parts you play, your characters come to life.

Then you will be unstoppable in your career. You’ll be living a life you love.

You will get up every morning eager for the day. You’ll love the parts you play and the people you’re with.

There is magic on a set when everyone, cast and crew, loves their work.

Be a part of a show you love.

There is no greater life than leading one you love.


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