Unsure How To Get Into The Film Industry? | Try every department | Become a PA

Unsure of how to get into the film industry? Try every department. Become a PA. Film industry jobs are made of specialized crafts. Working as a production assistant gives you the opportunity to try out many different departments. The production assistant is the support for the entire production. This means you can see the crafts in action, be it wardrobe or make up or anything else that interests you.

The production assistant is the entry level job for the film industry, so it’s important to keep an open mind about it. Some people don’t like the idea of starting with an entry level job. If you are unwilling to work as a PA, you aren’t going to work.

Start as a production assistant because it is the fastest way to accelerate your career. It gives you the opportunity to make friends and network with people from the inside.

There is less pressure working as a production assistant. Everyone on set knows you are learning, and they all know you’re doing it to get into the business. No one expects that you want to be a production assistant forever.

For many, the idea of breaking into film is nerve wracking, which is why working as a PA is such a good idea.

It’s the opportunity that allows you to explore all of the departments on a set. You can ask the production manager to place you in a department you want to try out. You get to explore so that you can find out what craft is right for you.

Many people who want to go into the film industry discover the craft they truly love just by working on set as a PA.

A-list Mentor Goran emphasizes the value of working as a production assistant. It’s how he was able to explore the craft niches. He learned from insiders and moved extremely fast.

Most people start as a production assistant. It’s one of the easier doors into this business.

Grow and experience. You deserve the best shot in your life.

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