What if I find myself always procrastinating?

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Sydney B.

Okay so here’s my deal. I’ve been procrastinating since I started this program.

Just as an example, I sent a similar email to Janet on Sunday, and she told me to post it in Yammer and I am only just doing it now. ITS BAD.

I have this horrid horrid habit of putting of the things that are good for me even when I’m aware of how much better I feel while I’m accomplishing something!

I decided to do this program almost three weeks ago because for my entire life as a performer, I’ve felt lost when it comes to the connections and networking.

Everything that I read and see here makes me believe that when I stop procrastinating and just get to work I could actually learn all these things that I didn’t know!

I’m explaining this all here because I want this heinous cycle to stop!

I need to do this. I need a direction.
I’ve been wandering aimless for too long and I’m ready to set something on a course. I

‘m a slow changer, but once I get there I rarely retreat.

So here’s to change and holding myself accountable for my future!


Haha, you know what it’s just a pattern. A disempowering pattern though and one that will lead you to a mediocre life because you will be mediocre.

If you want to be outstanding in life, you need to practice behaviors that are outstanding!

Time to attach pain to what you want to change. That’s what I’m showing you to do here, not being mean.

Attach pain to what you want to change. In the past, present and future.

What would that look like?

What has procrastinating and drifting along cost you in the past? Get specific. Feel it in your body as your write it. Imagine what it has cost you. Cost you dearly. Where you could be now, who you could know, what money you could have made, make it hurt!

What is it costing you right now? The beating yourself up for not being who you are not proud of. The emotions you feel when you do it. The quality of life you have because you are not committed yourself at the level you deserve to be.

What is it costing you in the future? What will be your life? What money will you have in your bank account? Who will be in your life? What will be the PAIN and disappointment you’ll feel on a daily basis now that you have been practicing the pattern of procrastination and making excuses for 10 years? What will that feel like?

FEEL it in your body. Imagine what you are writing down here. FEEL IT.

Is that the life you want???

Is that the life you want?

Then, after that, and you post it here. I have another assignment for you… one that will create your future.

Kira Z.

Thanks for being so honest and open Sydney B! The mind doesn’t like change, that’s why its so hard to change a habit be it good or bad. We have unconsciously condition ourselves over time to be who we are today. Our thoughts, families, and environment are also a part of who we are.

It took years for you to become who you are today. So change won’t happen over night. You have to set goals and work on them daily. That’s when the new habits will start to replace the old habits. You have to treat it as important as you treat breathing. A lot times we work on something one day and then the next we say “well I did that yesterday so I don’t have to do it today” Wrong you don’t say “well I breathed yesterday so I don’t have to breathe today.”

We have to take ourselves seriously and make us a Need and not a want, because every single person will spend money, time, and effort on the things they need, but will not do the same for the things they want. We are 1 big happy family and thats why I love FIF so much b/c we’re not judged.

Cute card just make your info a larger.

You got this girl :)

What if I need money and need to get another job NOT in the film industry?

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Ryan P.

Okay you guys…

Right before I found FIF I got laid off from my full time job–myself and twelve other people that day.

While I was angered and hurt by the drastic change in my life I look at that event, now, as a blessing in disguise simply because I know I’ve been antsy to start pursing my career in the film industry.

Now facing the demands of having to maintain my lifestyle and my income, I’ve recently been hired onto a position through another company… a really good position.

I was offered a job as an HR Assistant. At the age of 24, I’m very proud of that and I’m excited to have this on my resume for the future… I start tomorrow morning.

My dilemma in this is that while I’m excited for this position, I’m not interested in it at the same time.

I’m honestly afraid that I’m going to find myself becoming stuck to another full time job. A job that’s going to take all of my time from me.

I’m concerned that this position is going to pull my focus in all that I’ve been working at lately. I’m not looking forward to having something that occupies my entire day and even my energy at that. But the bottom line is, is that I NEED to work. I NEED to make money.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked many, MANY jobs before in the past. I can confidently say that I’m quite accustomed to working and maintaining responsibility.

The thing, however, is that I told myself after having been laid off that I’m not going to accept another dead end job. A job that doesn’t allow me to further progress in the industry that I ultimately want to be in. I job that serves solely as a job.

And now, I’ve done exactly that… And it sucks even more because I’ve finally acclaimed a position that I’ve been highly interested in. But the bottom line is that working in Human Resources is not what I want to be doing with my life.

I just don’t know what to do at this point. I keep telling myself to play things day by day, but what if I get an opportunity to work on a production? For one day. Two days. Or even a week? A month. What do I do?


Ryan, when you are good, and people like you, they want to keep you around. That’s the price of being good.

You are always going to have people wanting you! So, opportunities are always going to come.

You don’t have to worry about being stuck in another dead end job. Now that you’ve found this program, you know how to create a new future.

We take what we have to get what we want.

That’s what smart people do! If you need money, you work. You take the job.

You keep working on film industry, and pretty soon, you go full time into film!

It doesn’t matter if it takes 3 months. Or 6 months. Or even a YEAR. You are doing it! You are in the game and creating your life.

In 6 months, even with this job and being in this program, you are light years ahead than where you were! You have your finger on the game now, and are planning your exciting chess move!

So, don’t worry. Actually, you should enjoy the good problem you have.

Too much work because you are awesome!

Look, when you are the master of your universe, everyone wants you. You have many opportunities.

You have to juggle them. Do it without fear because you are adding to your skills, and adding to your worth in the market.

You can still get on shoots, go to events, get on our calls, and move forward.

Will you get every single opportunity? No. That’s OK!

But you are DOING IT, you are making it happen, money-wise, experience-wise, and there is no pretty picture it needs to look like.

It can be your journey… and there are gifts in there, even though you wish it was different.

Look for what’s great out of the situation, and you’ll see that actually it’s perfect! It’s your platform to the next level!