Here we will post mistakes we’ve made or seen other people make and it will be awesome to learn!

Shit happens. But what if the shit that happens is going to negatively affect your career?

Goran has no idea how this happened, but now he’s got to figure it out. Watch this video to see how he avoids looking ridiculous!

What do you do when you make a mistake on a film set?

It was Marla’s first big shoot, she had practiced for this day.

But then her equipment went down, and all eyes were on her. The entire shoot stopped.

If you are ever in a situation where things don’t go smoothly (this will happen a lot), watch this video to find out how to handle it!

There’s something very simple to look good.

Using this trick producers will love you because it shows that you operate like a high value professional and you are considerate of everybody else on set.

Watch the video below to find out how!