The One Thing You Need To Do Before Recording A Self-Tape – How To Research

Learn the one thing you need to do before recording a self tape – how to research. Ania speaks directly from an A-list training, a snippet that let’s us begin to understand the thinking and knowledge of top film professionals. This training focused on commercials. When making a self-tape audition, Ania teaches us about using an iPhone, the tricky details of setting up lighting, the art of self-tape audition kits, and the crucially important backdrop.

Ania stresses never to send the first take. There’s a saying that filmmaking is retaking. Just like on a real film set where the director makes many takes to get exactly the right shot, we should make several takes before submitting our own self-tape audition.

Thinking like a director when making a self-tape audition gives you an edge.

Those of us who want to break into commercials want to know what we need to do so that our self-tape stands out to the casting director. Properly using an iPhone, setting the correct lighting, the how-to’s of self-tape audition kits, and backdrops are all things to know.

Before any of that, though, Ania tells us to do research. Understand the kind of brand they represent. Get a sense of the world they want to make.

When we are hired to shoot a commercial, we are part of a team. The project is about everyone involved. When we understand what the project calls for, casting directors remember our self-tape. Research, combined with all the little details of recording, demonstrates to everyone on the project we have an edge.

The film industry is full of small details. When we go into the small details, we speed ahead in our careers. We learn from the outset what to do so we get our submission right every time.



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