Smoking hurts your success in the film industry?

So, do you have a habit that is less than desirable?

Like smoking or drinking?

If so, it can definitely affect your success.   Here is why.

I would never hire someone who smoked.    Why?   I have a few reasons in my head, and the reasons in my head are all I need.   Same with anyone who hires you, all it takes is a split second decision, “ahh, let’s hire someone else.”

The reasons you must stop smoking and drinking are:

1.  You stink.   The smell comes through the skin.   Your clothes stink.  Your breath stinks.  It’s disgusting.

2.   It is generally a habit that low income people have.   Sure, there are exceptions.   I just rode the bus from Minneapolis to Madison and every stop, the overweight and poor people hobbled off the bus and stood there and smoked.   Sad.

3.   Most successful people in the film industry have kicked the habit.   Sure, there are exceptions, but MOST are not smoking anymore.    What does this mean?   That they will notice that you haven’t gotten the strength to kick a nasty habit that requires you take breaks often.   And why hire you?   There are lots of good people out there.

4.  When I hire you, you represent me.    When you stink, you repel everyone.   I don’t care if you barely smoke.   If you smoke, you stink.   Non-smokers can smell you.

In fact, I used to work with this nice guy.    And he smoked and he stunk.

I stopped working with him for that reason alone.   He represented me and I can’t have a stinky person on my team.    What does that say about me?   It says I’m second rate.   And that’s not my image, so he had to go.

5.  If you are offended by this message, please understand I am not attacking you.
I am FOR YOU.   Which is why I take the time to write this and let you know the invisible things that you don’t think about, can hurt you badly.

You want to succeed in this business.   OK, then are cigarettes and drinking more important than your success?   If so, I want you to realize that with every puff or every beer.

You spent your hard earned money, it’s gone, poof, spent on something that harms you.   That doesn’t show that you’re very smart.  Then, when you don’t have money for your car expenses, for a new cell phone, for Friends in Film, you say, “I’m having a hard month.”

You have your priorities on your daily comfort and not your long term success.

Too bad.   But common.

Look around you and you’ll see millions who are more committed to their daily comfort than their long term success.

Sure, it takes an exceptional effort to stop a habit that’s run you.    The patch may be the solution and that costs money.    Money well spent because you are moving forward, becoming better.   That change in your mind is a MONEY decision.

Meaning it is a decision that you’ve chosen to become someone who is worth MONEY.    Sit quietly in knowing you’ve chosen yourself.   And feel happy.

Finally, if you say, “People only stop when they’ve made that decision themselves.”


And when are you going to choose your better, stronger self over your weak, stinky, addicted self?    I hope it’s today.

Remember, I am FOR YOU.   It’s easier to ignore your habit and not rock the boat.  But I’m not interested in mediocre people.   I’m interested in WINNERS.

That’s YOU.


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