Shifting Identity and Bringing Energy to Set | The Learning Curve

Shifting identity and bringing energy to set – the learning curve, is a group of empowering techniques and skills you need to learn to overcome fears. The film industry is an exciting place to be. You can work with the fears stopping you from pursuing your dream.

Alex started as a production assistant on set and did that work for some time. When he moved into camera, which is his specialty, he was uncomfortable working in a new department. Camera is a completely different niche than working as a production assistant.

For film professionals, nervousness doesn’t go away. Insiders learn how to work with their fears so they bring the right energy to the set. The film industry is massive, and every project is different. There is so much to learn between the many departments and the many people.

From your first day of working on set and every day, you are going to experience new people, new situations, and new things to learn. It’s normal to feel nervous.

Some people are so nervous about just getting started in the film industry that they won’t even try. They are worried if they are going to make mistakes, or if they are good enough, or what other people will think of them.

Don’t let fear ruin your future in the film industry. It’s the most exciting kind of work you can do. You get to be creative, there is a lot of money to be made, and there are fun people around.

Fear is a natural part of being human. You will be in a new and exciting situation the first day you walk onto set.

Alex dealt with his fear by recognizing his vulnerability and humility. He told himself that if that’s what he has to do to grow, then that’s he has to do. He went to set eager to learn despite his nerves.

Your fears and their reasons are unique to you.

Look at the craft specialty you want to work in. Each film department has its own unique challenges and opportunities. It’s important you understand your fears in relation to the work you want to do.

Be empowered to walk onto set in every new situation with the right energy. When you have the right energy, you are on your way to success.

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