Road to professional acting?

There are few people on the real road to professional acting. There are millions of actors in acting schools, taking classes, yet they aren’t working. Careers in the film industry are launched right on set.

With all of the out-of-work actors out there, it’s easy to think there is almost no chance of working.

What is an actor to do?

One way is to get on set doing other jobs. On set, you make the important connections with the people who can put you in front of the camera.

This means you can become a professional actor by  working on set. You can meet the people who can put you in the show.

What’s good about working on set is that you don’t need any experience to begin.  Insiders often mentor people who have the right attitude. Be a professional, someone who insiders like. You can get in front of the camera through your personal connections on set.

When you’re a beginner, many professionals will understand that you want to act. When you make friends with professionals on set, they can put you in the film.

Many professionals love to see their friends on the screen.

Most actors don’t think this way. They go to audition after audition, rarely getting roles.

Casting directors aren’t the only people who can put you on screen. So can a director, or a writer, or a number of other professionals.

Think a little differently and you can get different results.