Posts from A-list in the Industry mentorship program

Wesley G.

Hello Family!

I was on a rush call today to work on the movie Clifford the Big Red Dog! I had no idea what movie we were shooting until arriving on set! 🏃🏾‍♂️💨

I assume that the producer from the Verizon commercial shoot passed on my information (-:

Today was my first time being on a Union set! Sense I was a rush call and arrived at 12:30pm, I wanted to help out as much as I can. I totally forgot that PA’s can’t really touch anything (most equipment) on a Union set.

After wrap, the Key PA said they might need me again on Sunday😁 he said he’ll let me know!

Jocelyn N.

So glad to inspire. You all inspire me!!

I know Janet likes to see the checks so I’ve attached a pic of most of them that I received in Feb & March!

It starts to add up, I made nearly $5K in 2 months. Not bad!

Get out there and have some fun!! =)

Crystal C.

It’s March 13. The last 15-ish days, here are the job offers I’ve gotten. Not shown are 2 job offers that came in by phone!

Most of them I’ve had to turn down because I’m already booked!

Guys, I was afraid to jump into A-List at first because I never thought about working project to project.

Not being guaranteed of future paychecks was scary!

BUT I knew my life would stay mundane and nothing extraordinary would happen towards my dreams if I stayed in my comfortable life and took no action towards a film life.

I signed up for A-list in January of 2017. On March 25, 2017, I quit my day job when I was offered a 3 month job as a PA on a TV show.

Those 3 months in the show came and went… and I was diving into another show immediately after that! Then another show after that! My resume grew, my contact list got bigger. Now?

The photos show that I’ve truly landed full time and thanks to A-List, I’m in demand and it feels great!

Andy G.

A-list gets people into the film industry in London without film school.

Pro-tip: Finding like-minded people who are also in the program in your city is so important! Andy is in London and having a peer group who has been in the training for longer has helped him tremendously.

A-list Mentor Goran
Goran Prada

Goran is continuously striving to be better: he is always learning, connecting, and appreciating the experiences, opportunities, and people around him. The videos are of him again in his element… giving us great, big clues as to what what the film industry has to offer, He even made a little montage video for his favorite 1st AC!

Got booked on a Prada job for 6 days plus 3 or 4 after so total of 10 and the rate is $500/day plus over time!

The DP on this shoot is an amazing friend of mine that I met a couple years ago on another shoot.

I am learning and getting paid at the same time. Plus, I’m having a great time and making lots of connections. You gotta love it and it is possible and will happen for you.

YES, I was scared and insecure. I did not dare to think that I will be making $500-$600-800 per day! Now I am expecting it. We grow and learn and stumble… which is a greater growth of them all!

That’s why now, I embrace it when I feel it in my stomach or my nerves going out of control. I tell my self, “aha it’s time to grow”.

Even if you have someone you admire a lot just ask your mind what would _____ do? And see what answer you come up with! 👌

One big thing I learned from very successful people is not to just keep looking for next thing… next shining object out there, but to go back and refresh your memory of something that you already learned / know, and that will create a habit and eventually it will become a second nature which will be a signal for you to move to a next thing.

Love to do that with books too! I don’t just read it once, I study it.

Here is one of the amazing mentors that I had a privilege to meet and work on many many sets. This is one of the most amazing 1st ACs I had a privilege to work with, and also to start to create a relationship off the work.

She taught me so much, guys. Plus, she connected me to some amazing people that I am now good friends with, and got me a tons of jobs!

Because I appreciate her, I recorded her while she was shooting. I then created a short video of her just as a small token of appreciation! All of this was done from my phone.

What we have here from amazing Janet and all of the Mentors… is all so priceless so take advantage of all aspects of this training and excel not only in film industry but also in life!

Charlie in Action
A-list Mentor Goran

And not long after the Prada project… a Kenneth Cole one.
Goran is doing it all!

Goran 1st AC
FIF Mentor Kelsey

Hi FIF fam,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Back in October, I worked on a show called “The World’s Best” and it’s premiering tonight immediately after the Super Bowl! I worked as an ENG PA and this was probably one of the most physically demanding sets I’ve ever worked on, but it was also really rewarding. I love the people I got the opportunity to work with, and I think it’s going to be a really good show! Definitely check it out if you can!

It’s so cool to be able to watch what we helped create — I love the collaboration in this business, and what we get to do everyday!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



What a wonderful surprise to come on set and meet an a Lister that started in Tulsa Oklahoma and now is here in LA working on set with me!

FIF Mentor Goran M.

Ok guys so I just got off the call with a producer doing a 1 day travel shoot as a second camera operator ! To found out that they need 4 days instead!!!

What I know crazy… it would be 4 different travel Shoot!

3 days guys this is crazy! I can’t believe it! I remember when I started and I saw Janet Urban talking about $1000 to $2000 rate I was like holly macaroni I would be happy if I can get a freebie! Yea guys my self esteem was very low at the time!

But let’s leave that back in the past it’s were it belongs :) and let’s keep moving and keep falling forward!

And here is a final confirmation :) from 1 day of shoot to 3 plus travel dat :) Detroit here I come lol

FIF Mentor Goran M.

Wo they accepted $700 a day and I will get a half day rate on a travel work plus flight and hotel and of course some food money! So $2450 for 3 days of shoot 😉 not bad ( what I am like blown away lol this is amazing I love it)

Let’s keep pushing and let’s keep falling forward 👍

Lily Z

The paychecks are coming in! :D I’ve been on shoots on my days off from work and today is the first day I’ve had off in more than a month. #killingit

I went from a Netflix feature to Marvel to a TNT TV series!

FIF Mentor Patrick

Hello everyone! Today I’m working on a TV show “Married to Medicine” earning $600 for the day, recording sound!

Staci F

I worked on a music video shoot yesterday! I help so much during pre-production that the director/producer bump me up to associate producer!

Clara G.

Hello guys! Update time!

I wrapped a feature I was PAing that got me around £2000 for a month (which I got to act in it :D) and then I got a small acting gig in my hometown Barcelona (that was 200euros/day).

So I flew all the way to Spain and stayed here for a week with my family. I’m doing other castings for commercials (cause I used to have an agency here and they keep sending me cool casting commercials).

Hope everyone is doing alright, kicking some asses and having a wonderful time!!
Missed you fam

FIF Mentor Rolan

My office for the week! : )

FIF LONDON is rocking it!

FIF Member Natalie:

I’m very happy to say that since 2018 started, ALL of my income has come from film.

FIF Member Janette:

Yes that’s myself and Natalie on set of the feature called Red Devil that we filmed in March/April. FIF Member Clara was on this one too, only on the first day and we forgot to take a picture then.

FIF in London is doing great. We’re helping each other getting jobs.

I’m on my 4th feature now, getting paid £6700 in 3,5 months of work!!!

It’s incredible and thanks for everything Janet Urban!!! I can’t say how much my life has changed since joining FIF!

Clara G.

Great weekend at Brighton and Dover, UK!
Fantastic locations, great team… love this job!!! :)
£125/day x4 days!!! YAY

FIF Mentor Goran M.

Omg guys just got hired on my first travel job :)

I am so excited!

I will be flying out Friday night and coming back on Monday. and the coolest thing Is that, I am getting paid half rate for my travel as well as I am getting Per diem! ( and of course my flights is taking care of too ) What :) I know this is crazy I will be including the email that I’ve just received not to drag about money or anything but to show what is possible!

Before I joined FIF I didn’t believe that I could even make remotely what I am making now on the jobs!

In 4 days I made almost the same amount that I would made in a whole month on a 9-5 job!

Holly Molly and I am not stopping here and you should be too :) let’s keep moving and let’s keep felling forward my dear Fifers!!!!


Wrapping out my feature on the 23rd, was asked today to come back on the 24th to help load out.

Am booked for another commercial gig on the 25th and 26th and was asked to AD @ 500/12.

This is my first month post completion of the program and I’m looking to gross ~4k for the month and the months not over yet.

If I can do it, so can you!

Curtis A.

Wow a $200.00 a day! I just received from “Top Golf” and it goes for two weeks starting on the 28th of this month. That’s $2,800 in 14 days.

Ill be doing photography taking photos of a big ass golf course to help them make the lastest video game. GOT DAMIT Janet Urban. YOUR METHODS ARE THE BEST!!!!! LETSGO!!!!!

I received this job by being referred by a friend I just met in the industry. Who I met by using the FIF Craft Certification program. network network network network network network network network network network network people. And this will happen for you too.

FIF Mentor Ariana

Its okay and normal to have self doubt but just know this is only temporary. I was in the same boat as you, uncertain if i will actually make it into the biz. There are so many people that want in, why would they want to hire me (someone with no experience at all in film or working on a film set.)

HOWEVER!!! When I joined FIF I became IN DEMAND within my first month! Janet showed us how to stand out, book gigs, make film friends, market myself, be my own boss, and learn how to take my work anywhere I go in the world. Being freelance was so FREEING, I was only going forward.

I stood out amongst other people in my area who have been hustling in the biz for years, waiting to move up. What we do is different. Janet shares her tricks and secrets so that was we have inside information to LAUNCH our careers in such a short amount of time!

Within a month I was make $180/day on gigs, then it turned to $200 then $400/day! So I was living comfortably and I wasn’t worried about my bills. If you’re curious about benefits, you can join your local union! If you work towards your niche job and put in the hours, you’ll be eligible to join the union and get union perks! (Health, 401k, etc.) But everything you need to know is in the program!

All and all, if you want to get your foot in the door and BE SUCCESSFUL this is the best career choice you can make for yourself. Without FIF I would honestly be lost. Its nice to know you ha e guidance and support to help make the transition into the industry smooth and enjoyable!

Within a month of joining the program I got my first gig working on a TV Pilot with Showtime (worked one on one with Rob Gronkowski). Within 4 months I was working on reality TV shows such as Marriage at First Sight, American Ninja Warrior, and Food Quest. By the end of the summer I worked on three movies “Proud Mary”, “Godzilla”, and “Equalizer 2.” Currently, I just wrapped on another TV Pilot with Showtime (I worked as their Office PA/ Accounting Clerk in Boston, MA.)

This program has been a life changing experience because I overcame my fears of wanting to make it in the industry, but never having the guts to pursue it. I wouldn’t have been able to over come my fear AND be one of the TOP people within my market! Janet makes you stand out! It’s crazy how far I’ve come in such a short time thanks to her and her methods.

If you have any questions for us, reach out anytime! We’d love to hear from you! :-) Here are some pics from one of my favorite shoots I’ve done last summer!

FIF Mentor Samuel A.

All I want to do is show the world the greatest story ever made.

Friends in Film


Day 6 of 6 DONE! 2018

FIF Mentor Ashley J.


Make sure to check your local listings! I will be on The Librarians on TNT!
Its my first co-star role for a major network TV series! MEEEPPPPPPPP!!!! Once again, check your local listings for accurate times.

I play Mercy Jones in tonight’s episode! YAYAYAYAY!

Staci F.

Staci working as a PROPS ASSISTANT for well-known propmaster, Martin Lasowitz, who did School of rock, Hitch, Birdman, The Dictator.

First day in the props office! I don’t officially start until after the new year but this is amazing!! I’m working under Martin Lasowitz! Check out his IMDB! He’s worked on soooooo many amazing projects! So I’m really learning from the best here!

Anyway. I’m super excited to be here today in the studio and I’M SO EXCITED TO BE ON BOARD FOR THIS PROJECT WITH AMAZING PEOPLE!!!!

Clara G.




Of course with amazing Team FIF London!

Gave few business cards, and Add everyone on Facebook so we can keep in touch.

I keep working everyday on myself and I wont stop👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Janet Urban thank you so much ! ❤️



FIF Mentor Erin

Morning everyone! Yesterday FIF MENTOR Patrick and I had the chance to PA together on the Universal pictures Film “First Man” starring Ryan Gosling.

In this group we always have each others back! I had passed a gig on to him for the gymnastics tournaments with flo sports a while back and he helped me out too with this one! It is true that we really are Friends in Film!

Rolan S

I just want to say that I love love love love love love this program!

Wrapped one yesterday. Another today. Got a freebie on Monday with some really talented people. Really looking forward to that one!

Another paid after that! Could’ve had more if I wasn’t working survival job.

To be continued…

FIF Mentor Patrick

Hi FIF! I just worked on two back-to-back feature films for 2 straight months.

2 HUGE dreams came true – I appeared on an episode of “Stranger Things” AND “The Walking Dead”.

It was such a surreal experience!

First thing in the morning, I’m in the trailer, having makeup applied, and in walks Winona Ryder.

Then, in the first scene, I turn my head – Paul Reiser is sitting next to me!

The next scene rolls around, and Sean Astin comes walking into the room!

Up to that point, it was the best day in my film career.

Collin D.

Callsheet! 2nd AC (Assistant Camera)!


BIG NEWS! On Wednesday I joined a new production as a VFX PA! The job is from December – May!

I’ll be a VFX PA on a Feature film! The pay: £575/wk + £25/wk(box rental)

Thanks to FIF and the new perspective for making this happen!

FIF Mentor Samuel A.

I am officially going to say I’ve finally made it on a dream job. I wish I could tell you more. It’s so secret, we collect all the sides, call sheets, and prelims at the end of the day for shredding.

It’s been less than a year since I joined fif and I’m day playing on a union tv show that will go down in history.

They said they want to keep me on as long as I wanted to be on. So possible work til June. This is an AMC show filming in Texas…

Crystal C.

That’s a wrap on my first feature film!! “Old Man and a Gun” with ROBERT REDFORD and CASEY AFFLECK!! (Although I was honestly completely starstruck when I saw Casey’s girlfriend who’s an actress on Supergirl….)

Kennedy L.

Friends in Film AUSTRALIA!

FIF Mentor Sparkman

Dearest Batcavers!

It has been a hot second. But my first official credit on a major feature film is DONE. My name is going to be up on the screen as the Director’s Assistant :)

The shoot was long and crazy and I cannot even begin to express how much I learned. So I’m going to post about it overtime on here.

But what I did hear a LOT was affirmation that I was a goddamn rockstar at my job, a total badass, and a “breath of fresh air.” And I want to attribute that wholeheartedly to this program and what we do here.

We are taught the positive outlook and rockstar mindset FIRST THING and it brings you into this kind of work with the attitude you need to shine on set.

I modeled myself after Janet Urban so many times on set. Whenever I was about to do anything less than 110% (because I was feeling tired or lazy) I would think to myself, “Nope. Janet would do this job the best she possibly could, so you’re going to do that too.” And I did. And it was noticed.

Just the mindset Janet Urban teaches us really does make us standout guys. It’s the little changes, like holding yourself up straight, smiling that you are there, putting on rose colored glasses to see the positive rather than the negative… that is what made me SHINE the entire shoot no matter how long the days where. That’s what makes all of us shine!!

Practice that mindset and overtime it will be second nature. Because above all else, the MINDSET I had is what made me shine on that job.

WWJD. What Would Janet Do!!

Friends in Film

FIF London says:

FIF Mentor Lera

Yaaay! So happy! I was working on this film on NY Unit!

Amber B.

I out smarted my laptop!! I hooked it to the big screen and now I can sit comfy on the couch, have it on big screen and loud volume:)

FIF Mentor Parker

Howdy everyone!! Waned to give you an update..If you didn’t know I was in Maine the past 2 months working on a tv show for Disney. They flew us out there from LA!! After that I was able to spend a week back in Ohio to visit family and friends! I’ve had about a week off since being back in LA… what I did though was inform everyone i knew that I was coming back in town. This past week I have booked 2 gigs off of those people (5 days on one, and the other is 2 days a week for 10 weeks), and have others that I’m on their list when production starts later this month!! Making lasting connections on set is HUGE!!

FIF Mentor Lauren

I had some film experience: studied screenwriting in Vancouver, wrote and directed some short films, did some work on other short films. But I had NO experience in paid film work.

Before I found this program, I didn’t know it was all around me! It took a while to make connections and then for those connections to start reaching out to me for paid work, but once they did, it was amazing!

I got a few jobs from postings that I applied to online right after I started the program, but other than that, not a lot of paid work for the first four months.

Everything came together because I was following Janet’s advice in the modules.

Bam! I went from hardly any paid work to paying my bills by freelancing as a PA so fast!

In March, I worked for ONE DAY in film.

In April, I worked ELEVEN DAYS paid and six days volunteering in film. Since then, I have been working consistently. It can all come together that fast!

At the end of last year, I had virtually no professional film connections.

Now I’m working all the time! You can do it!

Almost all of us started in the same boat, even Janet!

We went from knowing no one and worked our way up.

Just follow the program! It’s gold!

FIF Mentor Lera

It was such a great experience yesterday to work on new Netflix Paramount “baby”, that is called Maniac with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, it was so much fun to work with period cars and gun fire! I definitely cannot wait to watch the show!!!😊😊😊
Also the Key from The Irishman was BG addl PA there, and he said he want me every day on the his shoot, but I explained that I need more time for my acting career, so he was so nice to agree to figure how we can work out our schedules!
Feeling so cool and today is one more day on Maniac and I hope more days later!😊
I wish everybody in our wonderful FIF family inspiring and kick ass day and weekend and next week!!!😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️

FIF Mentor Erin

As most of you know my goal in the industry is acting. Like all of you here I use the methods Janet teaches and I work on crew to build relationships and to SHINE right in the faces of those who do the hiring!

Well, we were shooting a commercial in a hanger at the ATL Airport in the actual plane! It was very cool.

I was working as Casting Assistant PA. THEN SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED!!

Half way through the day the client (Delta) had spotted me working and asked the Director if he would run me through wardrobe and makeup because they wanted me in the commercial!


Proof that Janet Urban methods are REAL and WORK!

By the way, I had submitted for this shoot and they said I didn’t fit the criteria.

FIF is so legit you guys STICK WITH IT. Put the work in and I promise that things WILL happen for you.

This is the second time that I have been picked from my work in crew and asked to work on camera.

Patience are key. This won’t happen on every set but it will happen when it is supposed to!

I will share the commercial here AS SOON AS I GET A COPY!!!

Love y’all :)

FIF Mentor Jessica L.

Hey everyone just wrapped another shot for a TV pilot called Conrad.

Got to work with fellow FIF people Alana D, Krystle K, Jamie J and John W.

You guys were awesome and we couldn’t have done it without you! The shoot ran really smoothly and we even had actors who had worked with the show before comment on how smoothly things ran yesterday and how it was the best day of shooting with Conrad they had.

Our new director was awesome but it wouldn’t have gone the way it did without you guys.

Thank you! I hope to work with you all again soon!

Berthile A.

Hey guys, hey Janet Urban!

See who was on set with me yesterday and going to come back tomorrow! FIF MENTOR Alex .
FIF mentorship is taking over the industry, where ever I go, I find another FIFer.

Congratulations Janet Urban, this program is a revolution!

Thank you so much!

Charlene H.

Hey guys,

This past weekend I worked my first two PA set shoots in LA!

Saturday was a beer commercial lol, great crew it was tons of fun!

The two producers that own the company were super impressed and said they’d definitely be using me again, I made tons of connections and everyone was impressed with my cards lol.

So while working Saturday I got a call about another shoot for Sunday, someone referred me and the director immediately responded and asked if I was available, and of course I said yes!! It was for a tv pilot that she’s pitching to a good networks.

It was a great weekend, I worked hard, learned, networked!

Melissa R.

Crystal C.

To those who just started, or those losing momentum: don’t quit! I’ve been with FIF since October, I’m not even on module 6 and here’s my story:

I started in October and focused on really studying the modules (not rushing just to move on to the next one!).

November and December were busy for my family so I stopped midway through module 3. I still attended networking events/parties.

January I finally got back to try and study, getting to module 4. That month I was blessed to work 4 days as a PA!

The next two months were a mix of paid and nonpaid work. I really focused on learning so I was a free production coordinator on a short film, a PA on some one-day shoots, and even an extra sometimes for Queen of the South. Just adding to the resume!

Other jobs got me referrals to more jobs. I knew jobs were starting to stack and soon I’d have to quit my day job to keep going (I was already starting to turn down film work in March because of my day job!).

Then March 24th I got a phone call. The AC from my very first PA job referred me to work on Little Women Dallas……for THREE MONTHS!!

The scariest part was leaving my day job, knowing that after the show, it was going to be constant job hunting. But even during the show I got other job offers!

This is my calendar for July, I try to separate different shows by color. I have 4 days off in July! And when I’m not on a show, Texas Flip n’ Move picks me up as a frequent dayplayer and they film year-round!

A show in Midland picked me up because of my experience, it’ll be my first show outside of DFW spanning more than two months!

Janet, THANK YOU!!! I left my 9-year job. My dreams are the CRAZIEST reality and I can’t believe this is all in less than a year!

Cynthia C.

Magic is real guys! This program has been amazing with teaching me how to network. I’ve been on many sets since I’ve started the program and am now making $250 a day.

I’ve been able to get in contact with the gaffer, the UPM, Props master, set designer, etc.

They all want me as their assistant!

So excited and feel so blessed to be doing something I love.

Thanks Janet Urban. I owe it all to you!

Planning to head to LA in November!

Lauren B.

Day 2 of 7 working for FOX Sports at the US Open Golf Tournament!

Kelsey O.

Hi FIF Fam,

I started off working on Top Chef last month and worked on that for about a week. I’ve definitely never worked with 40 PAs at a time before! What was even more special about it was that I got to work with so many FIF members, including FIF MENTOR Jen Jorgenson, who started as a PA on the show, but vectored her way into a line producer! FIF graduates Anton Church and Tiffany Tapp were also on set: they were proving to be some of the strongest PAs on the project :)

The show was definitely a little challenging at times. The production coordinator was always switching up PAs’ call times, or giving call times to them extremely last minute, thus creating a negative energy around the other PAs. I really had to separate myself from this environment, and it proved to make a really strong difference! I was washing the dishes one evening, and another PA near me started complaining about something to the APOC. After she finished, the APOC turned to me and said my name. I looked over, ready to help. He said he didn’t have a task, he just needed a smile. He noticed a lot of people were in a sour mood and appreciated my joyfulness and positive energy.

In between working on Top Chef, I also worked on a documentary for Showtime. I worked with the same crew back in February and I was SO excited to work with them again when they called me back! I always learn a ton and everyone is so nice and fun to work with!

I just got a call about working on a documentary for the three days. I’m picking up a rental car and some equipment today, then I’m picking up two crew members at 3am tomorrow to take them to the location 5 hours away! It should definitely be an exciting set!

On top of all of this, I’m starting a production company to create videos for small businesses. I made a few videos for businesses a few months back and it’s quickly become something I’m passionate about! I’ve learned so much on these sets that I know will help me professionally establish my small business.

I love this program, I love what we do in this industry, and I’m loving life! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


Samuel T.

So I’m back working on the national geographic show the long road home.

I got asked to work one day, then the entire next week, and now mon-wed this week.

Today we are filming interior helicopter scenes in a studio. Unfortunately my lock up is outside watching the roll up door.

Last week we had a car on a trailer, filmed in a bar, in a cemetery, had an anti war rally, and more.

It’s been fun.

FIF Mentor Ashley J.

Hey Friends in Film Fam-Bam!

I usually don’t share stuff like this but I think this can be a source of inspiration for you all.
When I first started doing FIF, my family was supportive but skeptical. No one was more skeptical than my mom. LOL.

I had graduated from college with student loan debt of course. So when I walked away from my full-time job to pursue film full-time, mom was not very happy.

“How are you going to pay your debt?”
“What about your bills?”
“Is this program ACTUALLY going to help you?”

To be honest, I told her this:
“You know mom, I don’t know 100% what the outcome will be, but I DO know I need a change! And I have faith this will work. There is absolutely no other option for me.”

Through Friends in Film and Janet’s methods, I have made more money IN 1 DAY than I have made in an entire month working a full-time job.

This check is when I worked on the Librarians. Now, this post isn’t all about the money. Yes, money is important. BUT this is from doing what I love to do!

My mom sees the hard work I put in and sees that I get paid for what I do. She fully supports my decision! Your family may have their concerns but move forward anyway. :)

This is your life. You only get one chance! Live it well with love and power.


Ariana S.

Hello Folks!

I thought I’d share a photo of me working the reflector! :)

This method of networking is unlike any other training I have had in my life. Not only am I seeing results, but I’m changing as a person!

I feel so empowered every time I leave a set.

I don’t worry about “I hope they liked me.”

Keep the FIF mindset and you’ll be soaring! ;)

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