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Here is another post by John Henry Soto.   FIF member and supporter of actors and artists worldwide.   ;-)


Here’s John:

I tell this story a lot to people who ask me about my recent surge in my career and what am I doing to achieve results. Now mind you, I have a lot more goal left to achieve and this is just the beginning. This is the short version. If you want to hear the whole thing, let’s meet for coffee. :)

About 7 months ago I began to remove negative and arrogant people from my social media pages and in life. Some friends and some even family. I left groups that were not supportive and stopped communicating with anyone who I knew felt my artistic lifestyle was irresponsible and an unrealistic dream. Within a week of deciding and doing this, my life took a dramatic turn for the best! (See what I did there?) :) I found an agent and booked numerous paying acting gigs and went through about 2 weeks straight of amazing OMG moments. Why? Well, I just didn’t have those people in my life that I felt I had to prove something to. It was amazing and although at the time I felt like it would be hard because I would be upsetting these people, looking back, it was easy! By removing these people from my life I was revitalized as an artist and I realized my initial purpose which was to make the world a happier place with my art. That’s it!

Easter symbolizes rebirth. The rebirth of Jesus is also a rebirth of ourselves. This event in history is important not just for the miracle itself but for the God given abilities we have in all of us to be reborn again in our own initial goals. Your destiny is never gone and it can never be taken from you because you create it. It’s been covered up with lies but the truth is you are valuable and your contribution to making this world a better place is needed.

Whatever your path is forge ahead with the ferocity of a hungry lion because that’s what it takes to succeed. Embrace those that support you and leave those behind that don’t. You matter. They don’t.

Happy Easter everyone! JHS


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