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Video 1

Building the Perfect Career

How to make a career in film using a proven framework. How to charge a good rate for your work, become valuable on set, and create momentum working on film sets.

Video 2

The Secret that Gets You Professional Work

How to find film shoots in your area to build experience for your resume that professionals are looking for. (Hint-hint: You won’t find them on Backstage, Actors Access, or Staff Me Up.)

Video 3

Living the Dream

The step-by-step strategy to get PAID production jobs, casting opportunities, and ACTING roles for Netflix, MTV, and HBO Max in the next 3 months.

Video 4

The Best Way To Get You Working

The fastest way to build a name for yourself on films that goes to Sundance and Cannes… without kissing ass or having your career take 10 years!

What can FriendsinFilm do for me?

This training was created to help people find their true potential in film, clear out whatever is holding them back, and start a new future working on major TV shows and feature films like Netflix, HBO Max, and Marvel Films.

For the last 12 years, FriendsinFilm has helped thousands leave the 9-5 world and make a living 100% in film.

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